EVE University Announce Temporary Removal of Wartime SOP

New Eden - In a startling change of pace, EVE University [E-UNI] has announced a temporary suspension of their Wartime Standard Operating Procedure [SOP].

This policy, which forbids ratting, mining and hauling while under wardec, has served to protect many new pilots from losing ships and modules they really couldn't afford to lose.

According to Irdalth Delrar, "the reasons for the SOP have faded into legend" and many new pilots suffer under the restrictions, so therefore came the decision to temporarily suspend all normal wartime rules.

According to Delrar, they expect to see an increase in wardecs during this time, believing there are a number of blue corps who would wardec them for the fun of it.

A member of E-Uni said: "I understand that the SOP might be boring to some members but I feel it is necessary. People that are questioning the SOP will see by themselves what happens when you are out there alone in a PVE setup and no help around."

Members of the corporation seem to be cautiously optimistic about this change , although several have also stated that they plan to keep to SOP regardless.

The SOP will be suspended for one month and after that remain suspended until the majority of E-UNI members vote for its return.

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