Ponzi Scheme a Success

Jita, The Forge - On 12.8.113 the investment corporation, Phaser Inc. [-PINC] shut down their business, closed all 3360 active accounts and took an alleged 1 Trillion ISK profit.

-PINC, run by Eddie Lampert and Mordor Exuel, started business 8 months ago. Investors got promised a minimum interest of 5% per week which was either paid out or reinvested, a continuous reinvestment was meant to lead to a 1437% profit in one year. Initial skeptical opinions turned out to be right as Mordor Exuel has now revealed that "It was a 100% pure meant to be Ponzi scheme, right from the start."

The way it worked was thus; the money invested was used to pay the promised interests in an attempt to gain reputation and to lure in more investors and money. -PINC succeeded with that according to Mordor Exuel after automating the investment process: "It started to fly. People just threw billions at us without any form or personal contact."

Near the end -PINC began heavy advertisement to cash in as much money as possible. According to their numbers, they collected in total 1.8 Trillion ISK, paid 500 billion in interests and withdrawals and kept 1 Trillion ISK as profit. Mordor said that they wanted to "earn big...without worries about ISK ever again" and went on to say that now "With 500 billion for each" they should be able to do just that.

Delicious Monster, one of the affected investors.told how he invested until he had around 2 Billion ISK in their books, which he has lost, and admits that their scheme was crafty. He went on to say how he expects karma to "come back and screw them", but that he has also learned that "you can't trust anyone in New Eden".

There seems to be some capsuleers however, that are skeptical about the numbers. One of those that has doubts is Lauren Hellfury, she considers the alleged profit to be unlikely high. Without proof she believes that "we are still awaiting the first pure 1 Trillion ISK scam" and that "such a significant event "requires a demonstration of success, not merely a claim."

Phaser Inc. is now closed and Mordor Exuel and Eddie Lampert believe that it has been a journey and consider their scheme a sucess: "We fulfilled over 800 withdrawal requests. We answered over 6,000 mails and processed more than 15,000 payouts. It's been an incredible event. And, isn't that beautiful after all? This can only be done in New Eden."

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