Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

IT Alliance Campaign Pauses in Solitude

  • YC112-08-30

    Hare, Solitude - IT Alliance's campaign against Cloud Ring residents has met with resistance in Solitude, forcing IT to withdraw from a recent engagement in the Hare system. Three days ago IT alliance started to reinforce towers belonging to Ev0ke, Dead Terrorists and Cry Havoc. in Syndicate and the nearby low security systems. The events began to unfold when IT formed their attack fleet in 6-CZ49, Syndicate. "[We] Tried to catch their fleet staging out from there, but we missed that..." Hoxothul from [...]

    Molea Cemetery Weathers Second Assault

    • YC112-08-24

      Molea, Khanid - On 112.08.18, Azia Burgi's cemetery was attacked by combined forces from Goonswarm Federation and TEST Alliance. This is the second time the cemetery has come under Goonswarm's crosshairs as they were also responsible for the destruction of the first cemetery, in Y110. According to Azia Burgi, the cemetery's caretaker, the tower guarding the 'caskets' came under fire on Monday: "It was about midnight... when around 60 Goon pilots jumped into Molea and started attacking us." Azia [...]

      Caldari Defence Initiative Remains Active

      • YC112-08-20

        New Eden - More than two months after the signing of the Caldari Defence Initiative, the pact remains alive and well, as shown by recent cooperative efforts. According to eddie valvetino, CEO of the Bi-Polar Bears and a fleet commander with the Gallente Federation, "Since the forming of the CDI, they [Amarr and Caldari Forces] have been a lot more active together... To be honest, the only time the Caldari really get a good fleet up and go for a fight, you can be sure they have backup from the Amarr." [...]

        HYDRA RELOADED Sells Several Utu Class Frigates

        • YC112-08-14

          Jita, The Forge - HYDRA RELOADED has reportedly been selling several valuable Utu-class assault frigates. The Utu blueprints were awarded to HYDRA as second place prizes in Alliance Tournament VIII. Only fifty Utu hulls can ever be built and their value is estimated at about 30 billion ISK per unit. The Utu is a specialized drone platform based on the Ishkur design. The vessel is also able to field considerable scrambling capabilities and is considered a strong combat platform. Records indicate that [...]

          Capsuleer Cemetery Flourishes

          • YC112-08-13

            Molea, Khanid - During the past several months, the landmark cemetery created by Azia Burgi has recovered from previous violence and is now larger than ever. In September 110, the cemetery was destroyed by pilots belonging to JihadSwarm who considered this burial method to be a desecration of mortal remains. It has taken twenty-two months for Azia Burgi to rebuild her cemetery and to surpass its former size. According to Taak Coram, a capsuleer who regularly flies from Placid to donate corpses to the [...]

            The Bank Of Eve Opens In A Difficult Market

            • YC112-08-09

              Conoban, Kor-Azor - The Bank Of Eve [EOBT] has opened for business, aiming to bring trust to New Eden where other banks have had past difficulty. Blastyoazz666, a founding member of the bank believes that it has the potential be the best in New Eden. He claimed that capsuleers "always look for more ISK", and there is no better way than by "getting a loan". He also stated that he believes EOBT will be successful as they have "watched the rest fail", and have learned from those mistakes by other banks. [...]

              Twenty-two Billion ISK Kestrel Destroyed

              • YC112-08-09

                Jita, The Forge - On 112.08.07, a Kestrel frigate carrying 74 Pilot's License Extensions [PLEX] worth about 22 billion ISK, was blown up just outside of the Jita 4-4 station. The frigate, piloted by Aystra of SpaceMonkey's Alliance, was destroyed by slickdog and Viktor Vegas of The 0rphanage Alliance as part of a CONCORD sanctioned war between the two entities. It remains unclear why the frigate pilot took the risk to move such a valuable cargo during an active war. According to wilbongbe of the [...]

                Ushra'Khan Traitor Confirms Rumours

                • YC112-08-08

                  Jita, The Forge - Tarac Nor, the capsuleer behind the betrayal and disbanding of Ushra'Khan [UNITY] has confirmed rumours by openly joining HYDRA RELOADED [HYDRA]. Tarac has confirmed that he was paid five billion ISK by HYDRA for "station docking and as sort of a gift". This will not come as a shock to the former members of UNITY who had always suspected that ISK was changing hands. Long-term, Tarac has revealed that he plans to stay at HYDRA for as long as he is "welcome", stating that the [...]

                  Former Ushra'Khan Members Regroup and Rename

                  • YC112-08-08

                    4B-NQN, Providence - At a time when Tarac Nor has expressed his wish to leave the past in the past, the former corporations of Ushra'Khan have moved on and created a new alliance. Flying under the new name of Damu'Khonde [USHRA], the former corporations of Ushra'Khan have united and are looking to show that they are as strong as ever. Emrys Ap'Morgravaine, diplomat for USHRA, revealed that the leadership not only remains intact but they have picked up past members too: "After a few days of excellent [...]

                    Fourth Season of Capsuleer Sponsored Subwarp Racing Begins

                    • YC112-08-06

                      Ikao, The Citadel - Capsuleers will have the chance to put their reaction capabilities to the test in the fourth season of the subwarp frigate race starting tomorrow. The first out of the five races of the season will take place this Saturday. Unlike previous races run through multiple systems to designated markers, subwarp racing requires a much more direct control of the vessel by the capsuleer to avoid the obstacles laid out as part of the course. The organizer, Julius Rigel, explained why [...]