HYDRA RELOADED Sells Several Utu Class Frigates

Jita, The Forge - HYDRA RELOADED has reportedly been selling several valuable Utu-class assault frigates.

The Utu blueprints were awarded to HYDRA as second place prizes in Alliance Tournament VIII. Only fifty Utu hulls can ever be built and their value is estimated at about 30 billion ISK per unit.

The Utu is a specialized drone platform based on the Ishkur design. The vessel is also able to field considerable scrambling capabilities and is considered a strong combat platform.

Records indicate that at least one Utu vessel has already been destroyed. The vessel belonging to Morel Nova met its fate at the hand of CTPAHHUK UKC on 112.07.19.

Several of the forty-nine surviving ships have now been put on sale. Phunkadin explained that HYDRA RELOADED decided to sell part of its Utu vessel stock in a bid to raise enough capital to build a supercapital fleet.

According to Phunkadin, not all of the Utus are going to be sold: "we are going to use some of them... [to show] we are the best and should not be messed with."

It is believed that the alliance has already sold about ten vessels and the same number have been contracted to Chribba as collateral for an IPO on the alliance's behalf. Chribba also bought one Utu for private use.

Additionally, one Utu frigate was awarded last month during the privately owned lottery "ShipsofEve:AT8".

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