IT Alliance Campaign Pauses in Solitude

Hare, Solitude - IT Alliance's campaign against Cloud Ring residents has met with resistance in Solitude, forcing IT to withdraw from a recent engagement in the Hare system.

Three days ago IT alliance started to reinforce towers belonging to Ev0ke, Dead Terrorists and Cry Havoc. in Syndicate and the nearby low security systems. The events began to unfold when IT formed their attack fleet in 6-CZ49, Syndicate. "[We] Tried to catch their fleet staging out from there, but we missed that..." Hoxothul from Cry Havoc. explained. The IT fleet headed towards Hare, intending to reinforce one of Cry Havocs Towers. Cry Havoc and their allies rushed to defend the tower, mainly in battlecruisers. When they jumped into the system, the IT support fleet came out of warp on the gate and spatial anomalies began to haunt the system.

In an attempt to help their support, the rest of the IT Alliance fleet rallied to the gate leaving a single Revelation dreadnaught behind that became the focus of the Cloud Ring residents. "Their full fleet fell on me, [I] had to go into siege to try [to] survive [until] some help arrives. [It] didn´t work." WanHungLo, the unlucky dreadnaught pilot remarked. His fleet did come back in an effort to rescue him, but they were too late.

During the battle, many ships were destroyed on both sides of the conflict. While Cry Havoc. and their allies lost mostly tech 1 battlecruisers, IT suffered the loss of several more valuable tech 2 ships. After two hours of fighting, IT Alliance withdrew from the field. "...with the destruction of MinigDude, the opponents fleetcommander it all came to an end." Bob McFix from Ev0ke stated.

Asked why they started their campaign in the first place, Klezz from IT Alliance explained: "The pilots of IT were getting fat bored and lazy... we are mostly searching for fights, and take the highends as a bonus..."

Commenting on the situation, Ev0ke diplomat TSS1 stated: "No human being gets this. We aren't allies, but we have a common enemy: The NC"

Interstellar Correspondents will continue to follow the course of this conflict.

GalNet References

Cry Havoc. Killboard
Ev0ke Killboard
IT Alliance Killboard
Evekill Killboard

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