Fourth Season of Capsuleer Sponsored Subwarp Racing Begins

Ikao, The Citadel - Capsuleers will have the chance to put their reaction capabilities to the test in the fourth season of the subwarp frigate race starting tomorrow.

The first out of the five races of the season will take place this Saturday. Unlike previous races run through multiple systems to designated markers, subwarp racing requires a much more direct control of the vessel by the capsuleer to avoid the obstacles laid out as part of the course. The organizer, Julius Rigel, explained why capsuleers are drawn to the event: "Our events aim to challenge a [capsuleer's] reflexes and experience rather than the skillbooks and implants he has installed. We provide an opportunity for every capsuleer, new or old, to meet and compete in a fun and exciting environment."

The entrance fee is 10 million ISK for all five races. The winner of each race will recieve 50 million ISK. Twenty million ISK and 5 million ISK are awarded for second and third place finishes respectively.

The event will be broadcast live on Saturday at 18:00, and Julius hopes that a commentary team can be put together by then.

Julius revealed that in the past these events have not always gone smoothly: "A few aggressions were made during the all-day Impulse Con 112 earlier this year, and we have had a case of a racer attempting to engage an opponent while racing, but all instances were swiftly dealt with by CONCORD forces and no major losses were incurred."

When asked how far he could take the event in the future, Julius said: "I will take this venture all the way or die trying... Someone has to step up and provide a real, wholesome activity for everyone to take part in, and I am here to lay the foundation, to set the precedent, to prove that it can be done."

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