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News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Pandemic Legion Victors of Alliance Tournament VII

  • YC111-09-21

    Pandemic Legion has taken the championship in Alliance Tournament VII over Circle-of-Two. Both teams proved their worth over the six days of the tournament. Pandemic Legion came into the final match with five flawless victories out of six matches. Circle-of-Two's matches have been more mixed with several close calls and not a single flawless victory among them. For the final match, Pandemic Legion pulled out their trusty bomber fleet and employed it with great success alongside a wave of drones. The [...]

    Alliance Tournament VII Finals this weekend!

    • YC111-09-19

      Following two exciting qualifying rounds we are pleased to announce the final live show to determine who will be crowned the Alliance champions for the seventh tournament. Previous qualifying matches are available and details of our live show schedule and how to connect can be found here.

      Titan Downed in Etherium Reach

      • YC111-09-16

        WPV-JN, Etherium Reach - Forces from VooDoo Technologies [VIP], Legion of xXDeathXx and Red Alliance brought down a Black Nova Corp [BNC] Erebus in WPV-JN on 10.09.111. WPV-JN is currently held by VooDoo Technologies, who seized the system from Exalted. on the 14th of last month. Black Nova Corp had previously assaulted and removed a VooDoo Technologies tower from Moon 3 of Planet VI in the system, replacing it with one of their own. When asked about his corporation's presence in the region, Coranor [...]

        Qualifying Ends For Alliance Tournament VII

        • YC111-09-14

          Day Four of Alliance Tournament VII qualifying is over. Results are to be announced tomorrow as we head through the week into the Finals weekend. Match results are posted and statistics are available. Statistics now include a sortable listing of all ships used in the four days of qualifying, including what was fielded, what was lost, points value, and survival rate. Today saw a return to the strategic cruisers and marauders that dominated last weekend. Although not as prolific as in Day One and Day [...]

          Day Three Qualifying For Alliance Tournament VII Ends

          • YC111-09-13

            A break free Day 3 of Alliance Tournament VII has successfully concluded. Last weekend saw most teams using extensive ECM and sub-battleship fleets, with the Rook and Drake dominating. Day One and Day Two also saw the use of 34 strategic cruisers. This was the first time the new ship class has ever been used in a tournament and they held up remarkably well, in some cases forcing a match to the time limit through sheer durability. Read more at our dedicated tournament website! [...]

            Three Rare Vessels Stolen And Put Up For Sale by Former KenZoku Pilot

            • YC111-09-11

              Jita, The Forge - SFShootme recently announced that he had stolen two Raven State Issues and a Tribal Tempest from KenZoku. Only four Raven State Issues and four Tribal Tempest are known to exist and the embezzled vessels are currently estimated to be worth about half a trillion ISK. The rare battleships feature unmatched attack and defence capabilities and were originally awarded to the Band of Brothers Alliance, now known as KenZoku, as reward for winning the third alliance tournament. According to [...]

              JihadSwarm Strikes Again

              • YC111-09-09

                JATATE, THE FORGE - The future of New Eden Research [NER], one of New Eden 's largest, public research companies, is in serious doubt after JihadSwarm, a GoonSwarm [OHGOD] entity, declared war on the research alliance on the grounds of "providing research to infidel mining operations." A JihadSwarm "mujahedeen" (warrior of faith) claims they have already stolen three control towers as they were unanchored in addition to starbase siege operations currently in progress. NER representative Tamia Clant [...]

                Alliance Tournament VII - Qualifying Round One Results and Replays

                • YC111-09-07

                  Over the weekend, we saw the first of three rounds of fierce competition in Alliance Tournament VII where 64 Alliances battled their way through Qualifying Round One. Official Match results are available, along with the team rankings and the schedule for Qualifying Round Two. Full video replays of all matches are available on CCP's YouTube channel (playlists: Saturday and Sunday). Full match reports and other statistics have been compiled by the Interstellar Correspondents and are available on their [...]

                  Day Two Qualifying For Alliance Tournament VII Ends

                  • YC111-09-07

                    Day Two of the qualifying rounds for Alliance Tournament VII have ended. Match reports are complete, videos are available and statistics have been compiled. In the first match after the break, The Fourth District used a primarily battlecruiser fleet very effectively in its match against ATLAS. The ATLAS Rooks were the first target of the 4TH, but the 4TH got lucky when a boundary violation by one of their Kitsunes also took out... Read more at our dedicated tournament website! [...]

                    Day One Qualifying For Alliance Tournament VII Ends

                    • YC111-09-06

                      Day one of the qualifying rounds for Alliance Tournament VII are complete and teams are now analyzing tactics and ship selections as they prepare for tomorrow's continuation. The delicate balance between DPS and ECM continued in the second half of the day as Beyond Virginity brought in a battleship heavy fleet to take on Hellstrome Alliance in a solid win for the first match after the break. Read more at our dedicated tournament website! Are you affected by the events in this [...]

                      IC Alliance Tournament VII Website Debuts

                      • YC111-09-05

                        Alliance Tournament VII is upon us, and Interstellar Correspondents is once again on the scene to provide you the best coverage available through its latest website: Tournament VI's match reports were an excellent way to provide you with detailed reports of the action. Great write ups, pictures added to highlight the excitement. Surely this was enough, right? Well... not quite. This time around, Interstellar Correspondents has stepped it up a notch with an all new IC Alliance [...]

                        CONCORD Releases Latest CORPS Briefing

                        • YC111-09-01

                          CONCORD has recently released it's fifth declassified CONCORD Outer Region Political Summary (CORPS) briefing previously limited to distribution among Member Nations, the Assembly itself, and DED watch commanders. The CORPS briefing is a periodic summary of alliance politics in regions considered to be outside of CONCORD's direct control. The purpose of the briefings are to educate the aforementioned parties of shifting influences in null-sec space in a concise and easy to understand format. The CORPS [...]