Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Pirate Corporations Band Together for 'Hulkageddon'

  • YC111-10-29

    Sinq Laison , A group of pirate corporations and several capsuleers within empire corporations declared a one day pogrom against empire-based miners; the operation was designated "Hulkageddon" and was spread out over multiple regions and systems with fleet commanders coordinating the times of attack. Members of approximately eighteen corporations took part, including The Python Cartel. [GROP3], I.M.M. [IMM], The Bastards [BSTRD], and Space Jerks [UJERK] alongside members of the empire corporations The [...]

    Breaking News - CVA disband

    • YC111-10-28

      Breaking News - Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] stunned New Eden just hours ago when they appeared to disband their alliance, and rumours began to circulate. Elsebeth Rhiannon of Electus Matari, gave her understanding of the situation: "All sorts of rumours are circulating, of course. The most popular one seems to be that it was an inside job, possibly including unauthorised access to Neocom." CVA breaking down is seen as a good moment for opposing alliances, some believing that it would benefit [...]

      The Second Chance Express - Amarr Nuns Rescue Ejected Passengers

      • YC111-10-22

        Niarja, Domain - Humans that are being spaced and left for dead are given a second chance at life by rescuers from the Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint Katherine [SHOSK]. Nuns from the Order have been shepherding stranded space travellers back to safety after they have been left out in the cold by their previous captains. Louella Dougans of SHOSK revealed that the nuns pick up between 100 and 300 stranded space travellers in a typical week. "I come across them quite often, particularly at [...]

        G.A.N.J.A. Protest Held in Rens

        • YC111-10-22

          Rens, Heimatar - Following on from a recent article by The Interstellar Correspondents, G.A.N.J.A. corporation held a non-violent protest in Rens where they and 3 other corporations (the identity of which has not been revealed by the G.A.N.J.A. spokesperson) self-destructed some 79 ships. The protesters gathered at the Brutor tribe Treasury located at planet VI, moon 8 in Rens; the station is a popular local trade hub. G.A.N.J.A's demonstration took the same form as their previous protest in Orvolle - [...]

          Last Stand Alliance Honors Fallen Member

          • YC111-10-21

            Bika - A memorial service was held for Last Stand [LS] alliance diplomat Psi Cloned of Forsaken Resistance [FRCRP]. Psi Cloned's sudden and unexpected death prompted his alliance mates to hold this "sending off" in "honor of his life, and his contributions to their lives" states Marrick Drak of Senatus Populusque Romanus [SPQR2][LS]. As described by Marrick, "the service was held in the Bika system, at a planet, we anchored an arc of cans labeled to pay tribute to him, and in the center of this arc we [...]

            Fighting Erupts in Curse As Newcomers Move In

            • YC111-10-20

              LJ-YSW, Curse - Tensions have risen sharply in Curse after Darkside. moved into Hale constellation. Local residents Kahora Catori spoke out on GalNet, claiming that Darkside. are invading their home to gain access to the Serpentis and Angel Cartel agents that occupy the area. The Hale constellation already sees frequent and vicious engagements between allies, Kahora Catori, Panda Supremacy and Blade. and Gentlemen's Club and Triumvirate, among others. Atropos Kahn of Kahora Catori gave his alliance's [...]

              ILF Believes Upgraded Starbase Will Improve Economy on Intaki Prime

              • YC111-10-18

                Intaki Prime, Placid - Recognizing gaps in the availability of some local products, the Intaki Liberation Front [ILF] have upgraded their starbase in the area to include a research and manufacturing facility. Under the leadership of corporation member Sumerio Rayej, the starbase has been producing several profitable items with a focus on small and medium ship rigs. An Ishkur, their first Tech 2 ship to be manufactured, is set to be completed within the next couple of days. Sumerio explains why the [...]

                Non Violent Protest in Orvolle Claims 73 Ships

                • YC111-10-15

                  After a recent Scope article was released mentioning the damage done to many agricultural plantations within the Ammatar Mandate during the Elder Invasion of YC110 by a Minmatar-Thukker slave recovery force, capsuleers of the G.A.N.J.A. corporation were quick to demonstrate their outrage publicly in a non violent protest. Kimberly Hughes, spokesperson for G.A.N.J.A. described the protest: "We simply assembled into The Scope HQ located at planet VI, moon 1 in Orvolle, undocked and then destroyed our [...]