Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Capital fleet battle erupts in drone regions

  • YC109-09-28

    L1YK-V - The ongoing conflict between the FREGE and Ka-Tet alliances escalated into a full scale fleet battle in the drone regions yesterday, with FREGE suffering heavy losses. An earlier skirmish outside the station in the R3P0-Z system between the FREGE forces and two Ka-Tet carriers served as a preface for the heavy fighting to come. After Ka-Tet intelligence located the FREGE fleet in L1YK-V, a Ka-Tet cyno pilot set up a jump point for his carriers and prepared for the attack. Only four Ka-Tet [...]

    Alliance tournament ends: Finalists rewarded

    • YC109-09-15

      The fourth alliance tournament has come to a close, with HUN Reloaded taking the glory and lucrative rewards that come with first place. In second place was Pandemic Legion, with Cruel Intentions and Terra Incognita taking equal third. The final rounds saw some of the most exciting match-ups in the tournament, with many upsets as underdogs came out victorious against more established and well known alliances. HUN Reloaded themselves were something of an unknown quantity. Now however, as the bearers of [...]

      Tenth Mothership downed.

      • YC109-09-14

        FAT-6P: As Tyrrax Thorrk’s second Aeon Mothership slowly succumbed to the growing firepower of a mixed Band of Brothers and Mercenary Coalition fleet, history was made. Not only was it another mothership loss and a key moment in the continuing conflict in the south, but it was a milestone too. It was the tenth Mothership-class vessel to be downed, an event heralding the beginning of a new era. One where thousands of lives can be extinguished in fleeting moment. It served as a solemn reminder of many [...]

        Drones, Dampeners, and Detonations

        • YC109-09-10

          Alliance Tournament: The tactics and setups of the fourth alliance tournament The fourth alliance tournament saw varying levels of innovation in the selection and execution of plans for victory. Different ships and tactics came to the foreground as rule changes and redesigns set the stage for a new type of tournament. As in previous contests, there was again a heavy focus on the use of Caldari vessels, yet also a sizeable preference for Gallente designs and tactics as well. Across the teams there was [...]