Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Battle in Querious leads to foundation of new outpost

  • YC108-11-29

    QUERIOUS. Firmus Ixion (FIX) has successfully erected their first outpost in the Querious region following a short but violent conflict between alliances based in the south. Firmus Ixion was defending their latest outpost construction effort with gathered allies against a vicious attack launched by Against All Authorities (AAA) from the Catch region. FIX have been residents of the Querious region for quite a considerable length of time, and have had to contest the region countless times in the past. [...]

    Red Alliance Finds New Allies, Old Friends and Re-conquers Territories

    • YC108-11-24

      SCALDING PASS. After months of resisting the south-eastern coalition with guerrilla tactics, the Red Alliance (RA) has finally started recovering some of its territories. What started as a lone effort in Cache against the E.R.A and UCC alliances has since spread to the neighbouring regions with the help of former allies and newfound friends. The first to join in and assist was GoonSwarm. After its attempt on the Outer and Cloud Ring regions, GoonSwarm moved south, leaving its historic home of [...]

      Third Capsuleer Tournament Announced

      • YC108-11-13

        At an open press meeting earlier this morning, representatives from the Caldari Gaming Commission announced the exact dates and rules for the next capsuleer alliance tournament. This will be the third time the tournament is held, and the Commission has promised to make this one bigger and better than before. “This will be our third tournament, and hopefully the most exciting one yet. We have many strong contenders out there, and I personally cannot wait to see all the new tactics and setups that our [...]