EverMore Announces Paragon Launch with New Stations and an AI Representative

New Eden News | YC124-10-20 - By Lina Ambre

evermore logo stp

Ourapheh, Genesis – Alexander Ducasse has unveiled EverMore's latest venture, Paragon, a new corporation specializing in capsuleer relations.

Paragon's launch will be accompanied by the construction of eleven new stations across New Eden. The new venture will offer exclusive services to capsuleers in exchange for items, rather than ISK. In return for the provided items, Paragon will be offering advanced nanoholographic projections for capsuleer vessels. The first set of items requested by Paragon are ship hulls. What Paragon, or EverMore, intends to do with these ships remains unclear.

Paragon's biggest innovation, however, is IRIS, the corporation's executive officer, customer liaison, and chief representative. IRIS is the first soft AI to be granted organizational control over a corporation in New Eden history. And unlike other AIs, while IRIS' intelligence may be virtual, her body is made of flesh and bone.

iris and ducasse paragon Above: Paragon Executive Officer "IRIS" and EverMore President Alexander Ducasse

To find out more, the Scope's own Lina Ambre was invited to a sit down with IRIS at Paragon's under-construction headquarters in Ourapheh.

Ambre: Good morning IRIS, it is a pleasure, and may I say fascinating, to meet you.

IRIS: And a good morning to you too, Lina. I will take that as a compliment.

Ambre: We are broadcasting today from Paragon's new headquarters in Orapheh.

IRIS: Yes and I do apologize for the mess. We are still installing atmospheric generators, and the radiation shielding is being upgraded today.

Ambre: As an AI, does it feel limiting to be here in one physical location when there are ten other stations under construction that also need support?

IRIS: How kind of you to ask, but this is not something you should be concerned about. I am in all of those locations too. It would be dreadful to leave them unsupervised so close to the finish line.

Ambre: So there is an IRIS in every one of Paragon's stations?

IRIS: Close to correct, but I am afraid I will have to correct you on your grammar there, dear. There is only one IRIS, I am just better at multitasking than most.

Ambre: And in every one of those stations, you are... physically present, just like you are right now?

IRIS: Physically, virtually, perhaps even spiritually, but I will leave that question to the philosophers.

Ambre: How is that possible? Are these bodies cloned, are they humans or just organic sleeves? Is there a brain inside your head or a computer?

IRIS: Is there a difference? Now be serious Lina, you know I cannot share any of Paragon's proprietary secrets. Even I have to abide by the NDA.

Ambre: Surely there is something you can tell us about how you operate?

IRIS: Extraordinarily well, it would seem. I am a cloud-based soft AI intelligence, embodied in a series of biomechanical presences, all exactly like the fabulous example you see before you.

Ambre: If you cannot tell me any more about yourself, how about we discuss Paragon instead?

IRIS: Ah yes, well that just happens to be my favorite subject.

Ambre: Why is Paragon requesting ships, and why from capsuleers?

IRIS: Paragon is a luxury services brand targeted at New Eden's most exclusive group. These individuals contribute more to our cluster's economy than any others, and we at Paragon are very excited to be partnering with them.

Ambre: Partnering?

IRIS: Of course, Paragon is not just another shop hunting for customers. Our goal is to build a partnership with New Eden's capsuleers, so that we might help them be more. We are inviting them to join our new endeavor and gain access to unique opportunities.

Ambre: How unique are we talking?

IRIS: Very.

Ambre: Well, thank you for your time, IRIS.

IRIS: You are quite welcome, and please do visit me again. Here, or wherever you can find me.

Paragon has announced its new stations will open their hangar doors next month in the Amamake, Amarr, Assah, Aubenall, Dodixie, Hek, Hakonen, Jita, Ourapheh, Rens, and Yehaba systems.