Celes Aguard Wins Gallente Presidency at Third Try in Narrow Victory Over Shaileen Ramnev

New Eden News | YC122-05-11 - By Lina Ambre

Luminaire, Essence - The third time of trying brought good fortune at last for Governor Celes Aguard, as final totalizations in the Gallente Presidential Election narrowly gave the win to her after a hard-fought campaign in which Shaileen Ramnev's strong showing put the result in doubt until all results were in. Governor Aguard's victory will make her the first female President of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime with Jin-Mei heritage.

Former Arcurio Mayor Shaileen Ramnev has conceded and congratulated Governor Aguard in a personal holocall. Senator Suvio Bellaron has issued a statement of congratulations, as have Councillor Wayaki Kayara and Senator Kelen Ontbad. There has been no word as yet from the camp of Mentas Blaque. Outgoing President Jacus Roden issued a statement of congratulations alongside the certification of results made by the Federal Elections Commission.

With all totalizations and adjustments made, the federal districts totals stood at 31 for Celes Aguard, 23 for Shaileen Ramnev, 4 for Suvio Bellaron, 3 for Mentas Blaque, and 1 for Kelen Ontbad. Sub-district totals were 427 for Aguard, 382 for Ramnev, 47 for Bellaron, 32 for Blaque, and 15 for Ontbad. Popular vote totals stand at 46.37% for Aguard, 42.32% for Ramnev, 5.25% for Bellaron, 4.13% for Blaque, and 1.41% for Ontbad.

Governor Aguard's victory represents solid backing for her "unity, security, diversity" message and program across the entire Gallente Federation. However, the appeal and political impact of Shaileen Ramnev's platform of reconciliation and strong self-governance is clear from her emergence as a very strong challenger out of a field of well-known, experienced and popular politicians. The result perhaps represents the least clear endorsement for a presidential winner in the last two decades but the presidential mandate of Governor Aguard is beyond doubt when considering all metrics.

Of the clear losers, Senator Suvio Bellaron will be pleased to have finished substantially ahead of Mentas Blaque, and his position as a leading liberal voice in the Senate will likely not be damaged. The future of the as-yet-unsigned "Bellaron Bill" to outlaw capital punishment does, however, seem in doubt given the support that Governor Aguard drew from Jin-Mei and Mannar communities sceptical of central-interventionist measures such as the bill.

While Senator Kelen Ontbad clearly anticipated a trailing performance, coming last among the established contenders will be a blow. Yet it may be that being knocked into fourth place is a bigger humiliation for career politician, administrator and FIO Head Mentas Blaque.

Governor Celes Aguard's campaign was clearly given a notable boost by the endorsement of Mannar politician Wayaki Kayara, but her long record on frontier security, emphasis on unity of the Federation across all regions, and her status as a capable governor of a major Gallente system were critical. With the Gallente Federation continuing to deal with the aftermath of the February Election Attacks, the ongoing threat of the Triglavian invasions, and the instability of the miltia warzones, Governor Aguard's third run evidently captured the moment for many people.

President-elect Celes Aguard will be inaugurated as President of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime on Friday May 15th.

The Scope Election HQ Team: Lina Ambre, The Scope ; Ret Gloriaxx, The Scope 's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx; Kavash Timuryi, Leremblopes Sentinel ; Oskar Illutain, Villore Guardian ; Sashara Qistan, Luminaire Star Herald

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