Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Rare Revenant supercarrier destroyed by TEST

  • YC118-05-23

    Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] engaged and destroyed a Revenant-class supercarrier belonging to pilot Damien Shroud of Project.Mayhem. [16-13] on May 22, YC 118 in the Erila system on the edge of Caldari space. This marks only the sixth capsuleer-piloted Revenant destroyed in New Eden since the resurgence of Sansha's Nation. TEST joins Black Legion., Pandemic Legion, Goonswarm and Snuffed Out in the list of alliances who have successfully destroyed one of these elusive vessels. (Example image [...]

    Hard Knocks Inc. onlines first XL Citadel ever in New Eden

    • YC118-05-20

      The first extra-large Keepstar Citadel has been constructed and onlined by Hard Knocks Inc. in low orbit over J115405 (Hard Knocks Inc.'s longtime home system, codenamed RAGE) on May 19, YC 118. Construction begins on Hard Knock 's Keepstar Citadel __ - Image courtesy of J3rzii Upwell's Keepstar Citadel is designed to be a major or primary headquarters for large alliances and coalitions. While all citadels are capable of mooring ships, Keepstar citadels are the first structures capable of supporting [...]

      First Capsuleer Citadels Cause Turmoil Across New Eden

      • YC118-05-03

        On Wednesday, 27 April, Upwell Consortium released the designs for the Astrahus, Fortizar and Keepstar model Citadels. The first wave of Astrahus-class Citadels have already made a dramatic entrance to the New Eden cluster. The Astrahus Citadel is Upwell's medium-sized model. It is designed to support a small to medium group of pilots in friendly or hostile territory. Before a Citadel is at its full defensive strength, a Citadel must first be anchored then onlined. Anchoring an Astrahus takes 24 hours [...]