Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Corporations in the spotlight - Dixon Cox Butte Preservation Society

  • YC118-02-16

    This edition's corporation in the spotlight is Dixon Cox Butte Preservation Society [.DIX.] Dixon Cox Butte Preservation Society [.DIX.] was founded by BoodaBooda, former Test Alliance CEO. [.DIX.] is a PVP corporation with an active role in the Psychotic Tendencies alliance and an active participant in various alliance operations. They are currently based in the Fade region with ongoing operations against other residents of the area. BoodaBooda describes the current corporation specialties as "covops [...]

    Sleeper Social Club CEO Declares Alliance Closure

    • YC118-02-16

      "It's actually quite difficult to sit here and try to describe all the great things about Sleeper Social Club and Future overall group of people I've ever meet in an online community ... or in real life." Jim Womack, formerly of Sleeper Social Club, reflects upon the alliance's history after the announcement from the Alliance Executor, Biterno Sintaph, that the alliance's doors would be closing indefinitely. SSC vs. Lazerhawks "Fall of The Souvlaki" In an alliance announcement that was [...]

      EVE_NT in Nottingham on Feb 19 with EVE: Valkyrie & CCP Devs

      • YC118-02-03

        EVE_NT takes place in Nottingham, England February 19-20. This popular event has been attracted up to 200 EVE players in the past and is both rich in content and fun. The event offers a Friday night pub crawl and a whole day of activities and spaceship camraderie on the Saturday. CCP Developers CCP Masterplan and CCP Lebowski will be in attendance. They are currently working on the Citadels expansion and the new capital mechanics so they'll have plenty to talk about. We're also bringing our [...]