Capsuleers to Commemorate the Battle of Caldari Prime

Luminaire, Essence.

Commander A9, in cooperation with New Eden Radio will be hosting a celebration commemorating the Battle of Caldari Prime on 22 March.

The battle, believed to be one of the largest in the history of New Eden, took place on 22 March, YC115. In Commander A9 's words, the celebration will 'recognize and honor the soldiers, pilots and citizens from all empires who participated in Operation Highlander.' Operation Highlander was the Gallente-led mission to destroy the Leviathan Shiigeru positioned over Luminaire VII.

Operation Highlander was the end result of months of tensions between the Gallente and Caldari empires over the deployment of the so-called 'clone soldiers' and the deployment of the Leviathan-class Titan Shiigeru in the skies above Luminaire VII. The battle began with a large capital ship fleet of Gallente ships, including capsuleer fleets from all reaches of New Eden. The battle culminated in the destruction of the Shiigeru and the entire Caldari defence fleet in the system.

Commander A9, a veteran of the engagement, said in an interview that he considers the Battle of Caldari Prime one of the most climactic events in New Eden's history.

During the event on this 22 March, capsuleers are invited to bring any light-emitting modules such as lasers, shield and armor transfers, target painters, fireworks and snowballs, to create a spectacular lightshow. Prizes for the best displays will include PLEX, a Megathron, a Rokh (and, separately, a paint scheme for a Rokh), Marines, firearms and 'orbital strike packages.'

DJ Daggaroth and other DJs from New Eden Radio will be providing music, and DJ Daggaroth will be raffling off a Chimera during the course of the event.

In honor of the fallen, there will also be a special Missing Man formation executed.

The event will start at 17:00 ECT, in Luminaire, at the Operation Highlander beacon.

Commander A9 had the following to say about the events of last year: "I remember the first time I saw the Shiigeru, the awe and fear I felt upon first seeing such a ship. I remember meeting pilots who would stage attacks on the Titan defense grid, while being amazed at their ability to survive. When I learned of the circumstances of the Titan's positioning over the planet, I resented its existence. I hated that it was holding the planet hostage, and I swore that one day, I would destroy it. On March 22, YC 115...I fulfilled my promise...and I lived to tell about that everyone would learn, and remember, what happened here."

TL:DR - Event in Luminaire at 17:00 on the 22nd of March, bring lasers, fireworks and snowballs.

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