Join the EVE University Super Lecture Session "This is Education" on November 23/24 – Fleet action included!

EVE University, famous for their extraordinary and high quality introduction lectures to EVE Online, has announced a super lecture session on the 23rd and 24th of November from 21:00 UTC to 06:45 UTC free for everyone.

This super lecture session "This is Education" is a wonderful opportunity for every new and returning player to get familiar with the EVE Online mechanics in a fun and quality way. Participation is highly recommended!

The EVE University Super Lecture Session is currently scheduled as following (times in EVE time, UTC):

November 23 rd

21:00 - Shield Tanking 101 with I Am Ozymandias (1 hour)

22:00 - DScan 101 and 102 with Karimson Safehold (1 hour) in Amygnon.

23:15 - Fleet Operations 101 with Krevlorn Severasse (1 hour) in Aldrat.
The fleet will travel to Hek.

November 24 th

00:30 - Open lowsec roam with Apothne of Pandemic Legion (1 ½ to 2 hours)
Departure system: Hek
Free frigates, fully fitted, will be provided for attendees below 3 months of age.

02:30 - Joining a Corporation 100 with Krevlorn Severasse (1 hour)

03:30 - Ship Fitting 101 with Cerulean Ice (1 ½ hours)

05:30 - Armor Tanking 101 with Krevlorn Severasse (1 hour)

06:45 - Shield Tanking 101 with Krevlorn Severasse (1 hour)

The lectures are conducted on the EVE University public mumble server (setup instructions are available here) and are free for everyone.

Don't miss out on this Super Lecture Session!
Check also the session overview page for additional lectures.