Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Vangel Won in Poker Tournament

  • YC113-08-27

    ​ Jita, The Forge - The Vangel Tournament at EOH Poker concluded on 07.08.113 with winner Maurospanthiras receiving an Amarrian Vangel cruiser valued at approximately 30 Billion ISK. The Vangel is a limited edition cruiser produced exclusively as a prize for Alliance Tournament IX. While such rarities are seldom fielded in combat, the Vangel is described by one combat pilot, Shiroi Okami, as combining "the strengths of a Sacrilege and a Curse with the weaknesses of neither." Runner-up Askgar Elzoop [...]

    Capsuleer Cloned by Sansha's Nation

    • YC113-08-14

      Rasile – A week ago, another Sansha wormhole appeared in the Rasile system where capsuleers battled and defeated a Sansha Revenant piloted by Slave Tedra01, a name also recognised as an Interstellar Correspondent reporter. In the week prior, ISD Tedra Kerrigan gained access to a private facility in the Stain region. There, she was allowed an exclusive one-on-one interview with Sansha Kuvakei to discuss the increased Sansha activity within New Eden. There is now evidence suggesting that before her [...]

      T.R.I.A.D Celebrates Capsuleer Reaching 10.00 Standing

      • YC113-08-13

        Molden Heath – Teonusude Republic Independent Agency Division [T.R.I.A.D] has announced that a capsuleer has reached the highest agency standing available. Axl Borlara has been crowned the first capsuleer in the agency's history to achieve the highest standing possible of 10.00, an achievement which T.R.I.A.D founder DeT Resprox, was very pleased to announce: “To reach 10.00 is an incredible achievement in itself and shows Axl Borlara's dedication to the cause. Axl is now the proud owner of the first [...]

        Sansha’s Nation Attacks Trade Routes

        • YC113-08-11

          New Caldari, The Forge – Sansha’s Nation forces have been assaulting trade routes throughout New Eden, disrupting both market hubs hubs and popular shipping routes. Over the past two weeks, Sansha’s Nation forces have attacked multiple solar systems including Kador Prime, New Caldari and Altrinur. It is their newfound interest in trade routes, however, that is causing concern among capsuleers. Capsuleer Ace Echo, who was present during the New Caldari attack, said “This recent rash of attacks seems to [...]

          Vangel Draws Blood

          • YC113-08-07

            ​ Aurohunen - The Alliance Tournament IX commissioned prize ship, the Vangel, has drawn first blood in solo combat. Shiroi Okami, a renowned pilot, thrill seeker and proud owner of this Vangel, says that since entering AT9 he "promised [himself he] would use it in solo PVP." As thrilling as it is to hunt other pilots, doing so in a "35 billion ISK ship just makes the heart race that much faster." Shiroi admits however, that "I actually got a little cocky with it, the Myrmidon I fought put up an [...]

            EVE Central Intelligence Offers Capsuleer Information for ISK

            • YC113-08-02

              New Eden – A new agency has been opened that allows the search of corporation roster lists and capsuleer information. Kronus Heilgar, founder of EVE Central Intelligence, explained that his website collects capsuleer information: “I type in a corporation name and it lists all of the members in that corporation. It is the end of the era of undercover alts sneaking into enemy corps.” Kronus revealed that his inspiration came from "hearing stories" of pilots camping out in an enemy's home system, [...]