Vangel Won in Poker Tournament

Jita, The Forge - The Vangel Tournament at EOH Poker concluded on 07.08.113 with winner Maurospanthiras receiving an Amarrian Vangel cruiser valued at approximately 30 Billion ISK.

The Vangel is a limited edition cruiser produced exclusively as a prize for Alliance Tournament IX. While such rarities are seldom fielded in combat, the Vangel is described by one combat pilot, Shiroi Okami, as combining "the strengths of a Sacrilege and a Curse with the weaknesses of neither."

Runner-up Askgar Elzoop received a 12 month Pilot's Licence Extension (PLEX). The third place winner received 6 months in PLEX, while 4th place was awarded a Blood Raider Bhaalgorn battleship.

Tournament organizer Selene D’Celeste said that the event had gone smoothly and was very successful. EOH Poker currently holds over 9,000 capsuleer accounts and has tracked over 105 trillion ISK in wagers since its conception in year 109.

Maurospanthiras said he was excited for a chance to win a legendary ship. Having won it, he said he plans to keep the Vangel rather than sell it on for the 30 Billion ISK pricetag, but laughingly said “I can’t fly Amarr for the life of me.”

Runner-up Askgar Ezloop said he only signed up with EOH a week before the tournament began and so was amazed to discover that he had received a seat in the match. "I’ve never seen more than 1 billion ISK... so to suddenly have 12 PLEX, it’ll change my... life.”

EOH Poker has concluded a special 30-seat tournament to celebrate 30,000 registrations, awarding a 30 Billion ISK Vangel cruiser to the winner, Maurosanthiras, along with Pilot's Licence Extensions and Blood Raider ships for the remaining competitors.

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