Capsuleer Cloned by Sansha's Nation

Rasile – A week ago, another Sansha wormhole appeared in the Rasile system where capsuleers battled and defeated a Sansha Revenant piloted by Slave Tedra01, a name also recognised as an Interstellar Correspondent reporter.

Tedra Engaged In the week prior, ISD Tedra Kerrigan gained access to a private facility in the Stain region. There, she was allowed an exclusive one-on-one interview with Sansha Kuvakei to discuss the increased Sansha activity within New Eden. There is now evidence suggesting that before her return, she was cloned and her memory wiped.

Upon hearing the news of the battle against her Sansha clone, ISD Tedra Kerrigan was shocked. She entered Rasile and gave visual confirmation of her own clone. It was at this time she received an anonymous letter containing the unaltered transcript of her interview with Sansha Kuvakei.

During the battle, Slave Tedra01's devoted cries "for Nation", were met equally by capsuleer's calls "for freedom". This abduction seems to be yet another case of civilians and capsuleers being drawn, unwillingly or unknowingly, into Sansha's ranks.

GalNet References

An interview with Sansha Kuvakei

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