Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

E-UNI Changes Policy from NRDS to NBSI

  • YC113-04-27

    Aldrat, Metropolis - Eve University [E-UNI], the well-known training corporation for new capsuleers, have changed their Rules of Engagement policy from NRDS [Not Red Don't Shoot] to NBSI [Not Blue Shoot It] in null-sec space and wormholes. CEO Kelduum Revaan said: "The change is something we have wanted to make for some time as flying NRDS in null-sec is unfortunately quite uncommon, and puts our members at a significant disadvantage when encountering neutrals in null-sec and w-space. So in a recent [...]

    Writing Contest Winners Announced

    • YC113-04-19

      Gulfonodi, Molden Heath - Last week Silver Night of Re-Awakened Technologies Inc, Electus Matari, announced the eight winners of his second annual fiction contest, with Matariki Rain's story "True Lines" taking first place. The writing contest was announced six weeks ago and, like last year's contest, only accepted stories about non-capsuleers. Silver Night said he was very happy with the number and quality of entries. First place was awarded to Matakari Rain, CEO of Lutinari Syndicate in Electus [...]

      Northern Coalition Attacked on All Fronts

      • YC113-04-11

        6OYQ-Z, Tenal - The Northern Coalition [NC] is currently being pressed hard by fleets from the Drone Region Federation, Pandemic Legion and the Northern Coalition. alliance. Today, a fleet from the Northern Coalition. alliance, along with allies Ev0ke, Ewoks, Not Found., Polaris Syndicate, Cartel. and Merciless. reinforced five out of eleven Capital Ship Assembly Array towers in the 6OYQ-Z system in Tenal during a three-hour joint operation. They have also been attacking in Pure Blind and Fade [...]

        A letter from the CSM 6

        • YC113-04-11

          The sixth Council of Stellar Managment have written a letter to the EVE community. Find out what they have to say in this dev blog.

          Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

          • YC113-04-11

            Y113.03.01 - Y113.03.31 . On-going fighting between the Drone Region Forces (DRF) and the Northern Coalition (NC) over control of the Geminate region saw the fiercest fighting of March, with 19,382 ships being destroyed as a result of conflict between capsuleers. Whilst less than the 25,425 of February this is several times the average seen in YC112 of only 8,002 ships destroyed per month as a result of such activity. The 20th of the month saw a colossal battle take place within the O2O-2X system in [...]

            Heathen of the Year to be Chosen

            • YC113-04-06

              Kasrasi, Derelik - Kazzzi, of Heathen Legion, part of the Ushra'Khan alliance, has announced the Heathen Achievement Award. It will be awarded to the capsuleer who is best able to express their hatred for the Amarr Empire. Kazzzi intends to "bring reform to the Amarr Empire by any means necessary and provide aid to those free-thinking Amarrian citizens oppressed by their own tyrannical government". The competition has so far received interest from both Amarr and Sansha loyalists. The latter refuse to [...]

              Intense Fighting in R6XN-9

              • YC113-04-02

                R6XN-9, Pure Blind - Forces from the Northern Coalition [NC] and the allied Deklein Coalition clashed with the Northern Coalition. [NCDOT] and Merciless. alliances in R6XN-9 on the 30th of last month. The Northern Coalition formed three fleets to defend several control towers that had been put into reinforced mode by NCDOT, with NCDOT fielding a heavily-plated Abbadon-focused fleet. NCDOT's commander, Vince Draken, relied on a system of warp disruptor bubbles and timing to slow Northern Coalition [...]