Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Ezzara Captured By Tribal Liberation Force

  • YC112-01-30

    Ezzara, Devoid - The Tribal Liberation Force captured the Ezzara system from Amarr hands at 22:22 on the 22.01.112. The final siege of the 24th Imperial Crusade's bunker in system met with little resistance. In the last month, both Amarr and Minmatar militias have been fighting fiercely across the Devoid region, but when Minmatar forces recently staged an attack on the Ezzara system they allegedly met very little resistance. Ezzara is adjoined to the Arzad system, home to Starkman Prime, the former [...]

    War-Torn Region's Not Red Don't Shoot Policy Spur To Development?

    • YC112-01-30

      AY-YCU, Providence - Recent data suggests that Providence may be the most populous and industrially-developed region in null-sec, the so-called "outlaw space" beyond the control of CONCORD and the planetary governments. The strong alliance of so-called "Holders" who share sovereignty in the area and the "Not Red, Don't Shoot" policy originally set in place by Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] appear to be the driving force behind this economic boom. Providence for many is seen as an accessible, "open [...]

      Wildly Inappropriate Alliance Redeploys to Pure Blind

      • YC112-01-25

        ROIR-Y, Pure Blind - Wildly Inappropriate Alliance has redeployed its forces from Geminate to Pure Blind. Fleets and assets are still being moved in a bid to assist the Northern Coalition in their efforts, sources inside the alliance confirmed. The alliance has decided to vacate Geminate after a sustained attack from combined forces including ATLAS, Cult of War, Gentleman's Club, Red Alliance and Solar Fleet for control of the region. The defending forces were mostly comprised of Wildly Inappropriate, [...]

        Hulkageddon II Ends With Over 1,200 Exhumers Destroyed

        • YC112-01-24

          Abudban, Heimatar - The Hulkageddon II event, in which pilots competed to destroy the most Exhumer-grade mining vessels over the course of a single week, came to a close on the 14.01.112 with a claimed 1,220 Exhumers destroyed. The top prize of 3 billion ISK was awarded to The United, with Final Agony and The Bastards claiming the 1 billion ISK award for second place and the 500 million ISK for third, respectively. Hulkageddon II's organizer, Helicity Boson, has hailed the event as "a resounding [...]

          CONCORD Releases Latest CORPS Briefings

          • YC112-01-19

            CONCORD has recently released it's tenth declassified CONCORD Outer Region Political Summary (CORPS) briefings previously limited to distribution among Member Nations, the Assembly itself, and DED watch commanders. The CORPS briefing is a periodic summary of alliance politics in regions considered to be outside of CONCORD's direct control. The purpose of the briefings are to educate the aforementioned parties of shifting influences in null-sec space in a concise and easy to understand format. The [...]

            New CEO Appointed At Eve University

            • YC112-01-18

              Aldrat, Metropolis - Kelduum Revaan will step up as Eve University's CEO starting from 01.02.112. The announcement was made on the 14th in a GalNet press statement. Morning Maniac, who has been Eve University's CEO since it was founded has recently decided to step down from the position due to time constraints and directly appointed Kelduum Reevan to succeed him. "I trust that Kelduum and the rest of the leadership will continue to run and build the University as they have done in the past," Morning [...]

              Daedalus X Execute Revenge-Heist Against Tenichigo Kaigun Inside Wormhole

              • YC112-01-17

                Hisoufad, Domain - Icarus3, CEO of Daedalus X [DX4] successfully carried out a wormhole assault against his former employer, Eurzadahn, who is CEO of Tenichigo Kaigun [-KGN-] in an attempt to recover ISK he believes to be owed to him and the members of his corporation. As the former -KGN- recruitment officer, Icarus3 claims that Eurzadahn stole hundreds of millions of ISK that was rightfully due to the members of the corporation. Icarus3 and other members grew concerned when funds generated from [...]

                Northern Coalition Engaged On Second Front As Triumvirate Invade Pure Blind

                • YC112-01-12

                  ROIR-Y, Pure Blind - The Northern Coalition has relocated substantial forces to ROIR-Y system in Pure Blind to counter what appears to be a full-scale invasion by Triumvirate. [TRI] and their allies. Last week saw the death of a Northern Coalition titan and the fall of P-2TTL, a station system belonging to Northern Coalition alliance Mostly Harmless [-42-]. Northern Coalition have rallied, however and begun taking back valuable moon resources from the opposing forces. Last week, on 08.01.112, an [...]

                  BREAKING NEWS: Against ALL Authorities Attempt to Free Systems in Catch

                  • YC112-01-10

                    Catch - Against ALL Authorities [.-A-.] are currently fighting wars on two fronts, one in an attempt to free systems that were recently taken by Libertas Fidelitas [LFA] , with help from Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] and a second against GoonSwarm [OHGOD] in 49-U6U. As of this time F9E-KX, SV5-8N, WD-VTV, and 9KOE-A have been taken by the Providence residents with capital fleets currently deployed by .-A-. and friends as they attempt to free F9E-KX and SV5-8N. With the fighting still in progress [...]

                    BREAKING NEWS: Battle Raging in GoonSwarm Claimed 49-U6U System

                    • YC112-01-10

                      49-U6U, Querious - Over 547 ships have been lost in the last 24 hours and 216 of those in the last hour alone as GoonSwarm repels a Systematic-Chaos and Against ALL Authorities invasion of this GoonSwarm held system. SBUs have been deployed and battles are raging around them. Hratli Smirks of GoonSwarm explains what he believes to be the reason for the attack in 49-U6U: "Are you aware of Liam Fremen? He runs Sys-K. He has a huge [expletive deleted] for us literally...and he decided to invade us. [...]

                      War in Geminate Continues

                      • YC112-01-08

                        Geminate - ATLAS and allies are successfully taking control of the strategic resources in the region while Widly Inappropriate. [WI] and the Northern Coalition forces strive to retain sovereignty. The war in Geminate has had several hundred ship engagements taking place across the region, with two major engagements in systems K25-XD and Y8R-XZ. Roughly two weeks ago in K25-XD, WI. reports that Solar Fleet [SOLAR] used a battleship heavy fleet to drop SBU's on gates in the system and incapacitate the [...]

                        Eco-Terrorists Attack Chribba's Starbases; Capsuleers Rally To Defend

                        • YC112-01-08

                          Irnin, Domain - A piched battle has been fought between a group of eco-terrorists and capsuleers from all around New Eden. The fight began after the "CONCORD Preservation and Recovery" [CPR] corporation declared war on Chribba's alliance, Otherworld Empire, allegedly to remove some starbases from Irnin and nearby systems in a bid to preserve pristine moon surfaces. The attacking corporation defines itself as "eco-terrorist" and claims that orbiting starbases pollute moon surfaces and thus must be [...]

                          RAZOR Deploys to Geminate in Full Strength

                          • YC112-01-08

                            Geminate - RAZOR Alliance [-RZR-] has deployed to Geminate in full strength to support allies Wildly Inappropriate. [WI.] in their ongoing conflict with ATLAS over the region's resources. The conflict has escalated over the past few weeks, with the Northern Coalition Alliances WI., -RZR- and Morsus Mihi [RAWR] actively defending the region against the combined assault of ATLAS, RED Alliance [RED] and SOLAR FLEET [SOLAR]. RAZOR forces are "dedicated to hold every system that we own and take back what [...]

                            BREAKING NEWS: Suicide Attacks Expected To Increase As Hulkageddon II Begins

                            • YC112-01-07

                              Teonusude, Molden Heath - Helicity Boson from The Jerk Cartel has announced that the Hulkageddon II contest, in which capsuleers compete to destroy the most exhumer-class vessels, will begin at midnight on 07.01.112 and run until the 14th. The event offers a grand prize to the corporation destroying the most Hulks and Mackinaws of 3 billion ISK, an Armageddon battleship and a Shadow Serpentis Large Smartbomb, with further prizes for second and third place. Other awards are offered for success in [...]

                              Capsuleers Turn to Gambling as Another Revenue Source

                              • YC112-01-06

                                Jita, The Forge - Unsanctioned gambling has become a popular pastime among pod pilots. Large bets are placed weekly, giving capsuleers a chance of winning huge sums of ISK. New Eden's capsuleers have always shown a peculiar appetite for gambling and neocom games like Selene D'Celeste's EVE Online Hold'Em poker games (EOH) are slowly gaining strength among them as a potential income generator. According to Selene, a daily average of 200-300 capsuleers direct their neocom browsers to EOH's site and [...]

                                BREAKING NEWS: Dramatic Battle For Sovereignty In Y-2ANO

                                • YC112-01-03

                                  Y-2ANO, Fountain - In the early hours of today, multiple titans were lost in a dramatic battle between the combined forces of Pandemic Legions, Goonswarm, Northern Coalition and other allies and capsuleers from IT Alliance. During the battle, Pandemic Legion state that their fleet was disarrayed by a spatial distortion, reportedly causing the loss of at least 4 titans and several capital ships. According to sources inside Pandemic Legion, the clash began when IT alliance attempted to seize Y-2ANO [...]