BREAKING NEWS: Battle Raging in GoonSwarm Claimed 49-U6U System

49-U6U, Querious - Over 547 ships have been lost in the last 24 hours and 216 of those in the last hour alone as GoonSwarm repels a Systematic-Chaos and Against ALL Authorities invasion of this GoonSwarm held system. SBUs have been deployed and battles are raging around them.

Hratli Smirks of GoonSwarm explains what he believes to be the reason for the attack in 49-U6U: "Are you aware of Liam Fremen? He runs Sys-K. He has a huge [expletive deleted] for us literally...and he decided to invade us. Mostly to help out Molle, on account of he has this [affection for] Molle (he runs IT alliance)... Also, 49-U is the border to AAA space and that's basically as much effort as you can expect from AAA [and] allies"

Although Goons appear to be holding onto the system, Hratli reports that "AAA renter" Ushra'Khan has killed 78 GoonSwarm carriers. What impact those losses will have on the ongoing defense of the system remains to be seen.

A representative from Systematic-Chaos was contacted but leadership declined to comment while the operation was still ongoing.

Details will be reported as more information becomes available.

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