Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Detorid War Escalates. Major Capital Fight In HZFJ-M

  • YC111-05-31

    Detorid - Recent events have escalated to a full scale conflict and whilst preliminary reports from the HZFJ-M solar system are still fragmented, they depict a fight of epic proportions with several capital losses and more than 800 pilots involved. A capital fleet of at least 350 ships from Against All Autorities [AAA], Ushra Khan, Aggression [AGGRO] and Atlas Alliance have clashed against a similar sized force sporting (among the others) members of Red Alliance, Pandemic Legion [PL], Legion of [...]

    Atlas Alliance Attacks Detorid

    • YC111-05-30

      Detorid - Atlas Alliance has launched a surprise attack on the Region, diplomatic sources confirmed. At the time of writing, clashes are concentrated around DG-8VJ, 77S8-E and HZFG-M solar systems. Detorid's Sovereignity is actually divided between several alliances, among them GoonSwarm, Red Alliance, Scorched Earth and Legion Of xXDEATHXx [X.I.X]. While it seems certain that [X.I.X] pilots are already fighting against Atlas, it is still unclear whether other alliances will react to the invasion. [...]

      John Rourke Receives Honours From Pioneer Alliance

      • YC111-05-28

        Oimmo, Lonetrek - Last Sunday, a crowd of more than 130 capsuleers showed up to witness Pioneer Alliance's tribute to John Rourke as he took an honour lap outside his home station. During the ceremony, John and Haffa (of Clear Skies fame) flew the original ships used to shoot the "Clear Skies" holoreels while Pioneer Alliance flew alongside with their T3 strategic cruisers. During the ceremony, several pilots congratulated John for his work "You've made us Tempest pilots proud" Theo Atreides stated. [...]

        State Protectorate Nears Total Control of Contested Systems

        • YC111-05-24

          Placid - The State Protectorate [STPRO] has come a step closer to its goal of conquering all star systems subject to the CONCORD ratified Emergency Militia War Powers Act, the Interstellar Correspondents have learned. Both Protectorate and Federal Defence Union sources have confirmed that at the time of writing only four systems remain under Federation control in the Placid region, with many anticipating the Protectorate to attain total control inside the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours. In the [...]

          Civil War Continues in Great Wildlands

          • YC111-05-19

            Great Wildlands - Earlier this month, a capital fleet comprised of Cult of War [-COW-] and KrautbreaK [KRAUT] capsuleers succesfully inflicted heavy losses on a True Reign [TRUE] and Republic Alliance [RE-AL] strike force. The clash of capitals in U3K-4A became even more explosive when pilots from the Tau Ceti Federation [TCF] joined the battle engaging both sides. [RE-AL]'s Fleet Commander, Norsey, confirmed via GalNet that their target was a [-COW-] starbase. He states: "We cynoed into u3k to recap, [...]

            Capital Fleets Collide in Venal

            • YC111-05-18

              E-7U8U, VENAL - Nothern Coalition [NC] and White Noise, Triumvirate, and Friends [WTF] fleets collided around 15:15 today in one of the largest capital engagements in recent memory. Initial reports indicate that upwards of a thousand pilots were present throughout with a peak system occupancy of seven hundred and fifty pilots for the five and a half hour long battle. While numbers are sketchy at the moment, it is believed that both sides suffered major capital losses. [NC] is reported to have held the [...]

              Five Motherships Downed in Branch

              • YC111-05-12

                EQI2-2, BRANCH - The X-Trading Company [XT], a [-RZR-] corporation, suffered the loss of five motherships, a carrier, and various support ships during an engagement with Triumvirate [TRI] and White Noise [WN] Monday evening. The battle took place around 1800 just outside the [-RZR-] station "EQI2 Failure Cascadery". Grim Master of [-RZR-] reportedly undocked an Archon class carrier in a possible attempt to bait a twenty-seven man [WN] support gang led by first time Fleet Commander BCE HAX. [WN] [...]

                Death of a titan: Probed Out or Sold Out?

                • YC111-05-10

                  F9-FUV - Rumours are circulating among pilots of an uncommon kind of infiltrator; one who involves himself (or herself) in corporation or alliance affairs rather than remaining aloof like many spies; one who acts in combat rather than targetting industrial assets, blueprints and towers. An infiltrator who gives away the location of prized tactical assets when they are unguarded and marks them for the kill. The death of an IRC titan on the 24th of last month (24.04.111) has been cited as one possible [...]

                  Clear Skies 2 Released

                  • YC111-05-10

                    Out Of The Blue - The sequel to the smash-hit holoreel "Clear Skies" has now been officially released. John Rourke announced the film to an enthusiastic response from the capsuleer community at 11:00 today, and within an hour some 500-600 pilots had begun to download the feature film. The release saw a few difficulties in the last 24 hours of the process from inception to release, with the first upload attempted to Chribba's distribution facility failing for an unknown reason, delaying the release [...]

                    The BIG Lottery - 6th Anniversary Edition

                    • YC111-05-06

                      One of EVEs oldest and longest running lotteries is celebrating our 6th anniversary with a lot of extra prizes. More details are available on the BIG lottery website or in this forum thread.

                      United Freeman Alliance Surrenders in Geminate

                      • YC111-05-04

                        K25-XD, GEMINATE - United Freeman Alliance [UFA] has retracted all territorial claims to the Geminate region as of May 2nd following a nearly month long defensive campaign against Wildly Inappropriate [WI]. The news arrived in the form of a short press release from [UFA] diplomat Spaceman who simply stated that "...the 'United Freemen Alliance' officially surrenders all of its claim to territory in Geminate to Wildly Inappropriate." The [WI] invasion of Geminate commenced on April 7th and resulted in [...]

                        Heist or Hoax? Titan Theft Allegations Disputed

                        • YC111-05-03

                          Z-70K1, Omist - On 01.05.111, GoonSwarm purported to have stolen capital ship components for 3 titans and a Nyx mothership from Atlas Alliance. Atlas dispute the claim, alleging that the Titan parts in GoonSwarm's hands belonged to the departing pilot himself and had never been Atlas property. This article examines the claims of both sides and the evidence presented. Avatar-pilot Sasheria Windsong defected to GoonSwarm from Phantom Squad corporation of Atlas with a number of close associates including [...]