Atlas Alliance Attacks Detorid

Detorid - Atlas Alliance has launched a surprise attack on the Region, diplomatic sources confirmed. At the time of writing, clashes are concentrated around DG-8VJ, 77S8-E and HZFG-M solar systems.

Atlas Diplo: BanlishDetorid's Sovereignity is actually divided between several alliances, among them GoonSwarm, Red Alliance, Scorched Earth and Legion Of xXDEATHXx [X.I.X].

While it seems certain that [X.I.X] pilots are already fighting against Atlas, it is still unclear whether other alliances will react to the invasion.

According to sources inside Atlas, at least 20 Starbases have already been deployed while 17 starbases allegedly owned by GoonSwarm have been put into reinforced mode.

X.I.X. Diplo: Saint xXDEATHXxBanlish of Atlas describes the first hours of combat using these words: " We went into 5 of the 6 station systems and quickly ripped down the jammer in each, one by one... Capitals have been deployed almost non stop... support [was] buzzing around doing whatever required".

On the other side of the fence, Saint xXDEATHXx of [XIX] Alliance said himself not surprised of Atlas Assault: " They want space really bad and they think its so easy to take. [We] knew that they would come. Question is can they keep it like that rush? ".

He went on adding: " _the main thing in eve is [to] keep what you got, and it's not easy … we'll see what's gonna bring this weeken_d".

Given the size of the alliances occupying Detorid, it is still unclear whether this conflict will remain a regional skirmish or rather develop into a global war.

More updates will be published as details become available.

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