Five Motherships Downed in Branch

EQI2-2, BRANCH - The X-Trading Company [XT], a [-RZR-] corporation, suffered the loss of five motherships, a carrier, and various support ships during an engagement with Triumvirate [TRI] and White Noise [WN] Monday evening. The battle took place around 1800 just outside the [-RZR-] station "EQI2 Failure Cascadery".

Grim Master of [-RZR-] reportedly undocked an Archon class carrier in a possible attempt to bait a twenty-seven man [WN] support gang led by first time Fleet Commander BCE HAX. [WN] diplomat and fleet member Pazelya reports that BCE HAX was "aware that it might be bait" and initially sent only interceptors in to make the tackle.

The tackle was made outside of the station's docking range forcing Grim Master to begin triage. The first Nyx mothership then warped in from a nearby POS. At this time [TRI] was notified and began to jump a distant battleship fleet towards the engagement.

A [-RZR-] Erebus class titan also appeared early on but managed to destroy only four [WN] ships.

Shortly after the the titan's brief appearance, the engagement nearly broke off when [WN]'s sole interdictor succumbed to the [XT] capitals after a second Nyx arrived on scene. However, [WN] chose to stay and prevent the capitals from warping by continuously colliding with one of their ships.

"...due to them being amazingly heroic and just awesome tacklers, they decided to kinda suicide bump them 'till [WN] and [TRI] 'dictors got into system," reported [TRI] FC Kebabski.

This action held the [XT] group in place as the remaining two capitals appeared to have chosen to stay rather then leave their fellow pilot behind. The colliding continued for nearly ten minutes according to pilots who were on scene. Eventually, interdictors from both [TRI] and [WN] arrived and secured tackles with bubbles.

At long last, battleships began to trickle onto the field for [TRI] and [WN] while a [TRI] capital fleet learned that EQ12-2 was not cynojammed and jumped to a mid-point cyno as the battle in EQI2-2 progressed.

At this point, a third mothership reportedly joined the engagement as Grim Master's Archon disintegrated. The last two motherships arrived just as Thunderdarks Nyx fell to sustained battleship fire according to sources.

Moments later, Kebabski reports a cyno was placed in system and the [TRI] dreadnoughts proceeded to engage the remaining four motherships who "started melting" he states.

Following the battle, excited diplomats Pazela and OhYeah! offered the following statement on behalf of the newly announced W.T.F. coalition ([WN]+[TRI]+Friends):

"We are sincerely asking Morsus Mihi to come back north finally and 'evict' us... Morsus Mihi should come ASAP and help their best friends fight us here. W.T.F. is waiting."

The five lost motherships were flown by Xeraxes Craven, RedCodeX, iMic ger, Cal Drago, and Thunderdarks.

None of these pilots had responded to interview requests as of press time. However, [-RZR-] has confirmed the losses on several GalNet sources.

GalNet Sources:

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