Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Covert Moon Mining Operations Net Billions for C.R.S. Corporation

  • YC111-11-27

    Undisclosed System, New Eden - Using covert ops to scout activity in nullsec regions and blockade runners to ferry starbase structures, C.R.S Corporation [C.R.S] has set up multiple undercover mining operations behind Alliance-controlled borders harvesting moon resources. A source close to C.R.S. claimed "The corporation has sneaked behind sovereignty borders and set up moon mining [operations]. They utilize covert ops pilots and probe when no one is in system to detect the moon probes. Moons [...]

    Cold STEEL Alliance Completes Outpost Goals in Providence

    • YC111-11-23

      P6N8-J, Providence - Cold STEEL Alliance [STEEL] have announced the completion of their two newest outposts which they hope will provide better combat and infrastructure support for them in the Providence region. [STEEL]'s CEO, evilPHish, revealed why the two newest outposts, Magrathea and Patria Aquilla (in N-RMSH and DNR-7M, respectively) would help the region: "It is easier for allies, friends and guests alike to store things, take cover or conduct market activities." To support the building of the [...]

      Solar Fleet Attempts to Gain Ground in Geminate

      • YC111-11-10

        Geminate, U-L4KS : In what has been reported as "an attempt to gain a foothold in the Geminate region", SOLAR FLEET [SOLAR] forces engaged elements of the Wildly Inappropriate. [WI.] alliance, losing fourteen of their carriers in the process. Tomcat, of Lone Star Joint Venture [LSJV], alliance leader for [WI.] reports that during an operation to take down several SOLAR FLEET towers "[SOLAR] shows up in the system U-L4KS, with their fleet of forty to fifty, mostly battleships, and begins to hit a jump [...]

        Ships of Eve 3 Lottery Under Way

        • YC111-11-08

          Jita - Another record setting lottery is currently under way. The Ships of Eve 3 "Fleets of Eve" event includes a first prize of 223 ships and 80 tech 3 subsystems. Organized by T'Amber of Ships of Eve [SOE-E], the event will be "fleet themed, with prizes of multiple choice semi-customizable fleets" with the prizes "designed to be accessible and useful for anyone." There are a total of twenty prizes, with first prize being "a custom fleet of 223 ships and 80 tech 3 subsystems." Winners of the lottery [...]

          PIE Sponsors 'Amarrian Loyalist of the Year Awards'

          • YC111-11-08

            Rodj Blake of PIE Inc. [PIE] has announced that his corporation is sponsoring the Amarrian Loyalist of the Year awards and that nominations are still open. According to Rodj Blake there will be two awards given, the first, Amarrian Capsuleer of the Year, will be presented "to the Amarrian, Khanid or Ni-Kunni pod pilot deemed to have achieved the most on behalf of the Empire during the last twelve months." The second award, Loyal Servant of the Year, is to be presented "to the non-Amarrian pod pilot [...]

            G.A.N.J.A. Launches Attack On Minmatar Republic Targets

            • YC111-11-08

              Abudban, Heimatar - On 1st November, G.A.N.J.A. commenced with their first violent protest against the Minmatar Republic, targeting the transport convoys within the Abudban system. Two Chandlers, two Traffickers and one Merchant became the first casualties. After previous peaceful demonstrations failed to garner a response, G.A.N.J.A. moved their plans forward and attacked three regions simultaneously within the Minmatar Republic in what they hoped would damage the Minmatar economy in retribution for [...]

              BIG 'Triple Titan' Lottery Drawing Date Extended

              • YC111-11-03

                BIG has extended the drawing date for their "Triple Titan" lottery an additional thirty days in order to give time for additional capsuleers to get in on the chance to own up to three of New Eden's most powerful ships. Each of these ships is worth an estimated "seventy to ninety billion isk". According to TornSoul, CEO of BIG [BIG], "each ticket is valid for all three draws, so ten million isk could win you three titans." The titans, an Avatar-class and two Erebus-class, will be fitted and ready to be [...]

                Theft Occurs During 'Ships Of Eve' Free Event

                • YC111-11-03

                  Heimatar , During the "Full Metal Jacket" event organized by T'Amber of Ships of Eve corporation [SOE-E], two participants are alleged to have stolen "400 frigates, 200 or so skill books and a large amount of assorted tech 1 modules" valued at "around 500 million isk." T'Amber, who runs these events for rookie capsuleers has put a hold on giving out any free prizes until "corpses and killmails are supplied". The event, which was a "red vs. blue" team combat, was to have culminated in the winning team [...]

                  Ushra'Khan Takes Ownership of Two Stations in Catch

                  • YC111-11-02

                    Catch , Ushra'Khan [UNITY], an alliance who describes themselves as "New Eden's oldest 'Freedom Fighters'", has announced that ownership of two Against All Authorities [.-A-.] stations has been transferred to their possession in the Catch region. UNITY a dedicated foe of the Amarrian "slavers", once fought for dominance of the Providence region, going head to head with the Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA], ultimately losing their two stations, "Unity Station" and "The Minmatar Outpost", to them. [...]