Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Vale of the Silent Conflict Grows

  • YC110-09-29

    TVN-FM , Though the battle rages between Band of Brothers and the Northern Coalition in Pure Blind and Deklein, the Northern Coalition has sent forces to engage Triumvirate in Vale of the Silent. Triumvirate are in the process of conquering Hydra Alliance's systems in the region; should they succeed, then Northern Coalition alliance PURE. will find themselves engaged on two fronts. Triumvirate. spokesman Sha'blach painted a grim picture (though one Triumvirate members seem to face with relish) of the [...]

    Molea Cemetery Destroyed by Jihadswarm

    • YC110-09-28

      Azia Burgi's cemetery was destroyed earlier this week by the JihadSwarm faction of GoonSwarm. Dozens of corpses have been stolen and several surviving caskets have been defaced. Forgotten by many, the cemetery was the solo project of Azia Burgi. As reported in an article early this year, Azia "…thought it was a little sad that people just left their victims corpses alone in space after such a violent death. " Azia began collecting these corpses and placing them in secure "caskets" to be anchored in [...]

      Alliances Continue to Support Militias

      • YC110-09-18

        Despite CONCORD restrictions, large alliances continue to support the militias. While some provide indirect or clandestine support, others have been more overt about their efforts. Ushra'Khan and Electus Matari are two alliances that have been publicly supporting the Matari militia's cause. During the opening weeks of the militia formations, The Tribal Liberation Force appeared to be on an almost unstoppable rampage across Amarr contested space. Offering little resistance, many considered the Amarrian [...]

        The Star Fraction launches Erebus-class Titan

        • YC110-09-17

          Black Rise - The Star Fraction completed the construction of an Erebus class Titan last week and has moved it into the Black Rise region for operations against the State Protectorate militia. As told last month, The Star Fraction has been conducting operations against the Caldari militia by fighting against those that support the "tyrant" Heth. Previously limited to war declarations on selected State Protectorate member corporations, Star Fraction intends to raise the bar with the introduction of the [...]

          Militia pilots slaughtered by comrades

          • YC110-09-12

            Rancer - The war continues with numerous brave capsuleers giving their lives to ensure the freedom that we all hold dear. These capsuleers now face a new threat, not only do they have to watch for the Federation forces but also for rogue elements within the State Protectorate itself, one such element are the members of a corporation by the name of 'The United'. The United is a self confessed 'pirate' based corporation that has decided to join the militia not to aid the Caldari cause but to line their [...]