Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Hydra Outpost Conquered by Reunited Triumvirate Alliance

  • YC110-08-17

    TVN-FM, Vale of the Silent - Triumvirate. [TRI] alliance recently announced the conquest of Hydra Alliance's [HYDRA] "Hydraponics" outpost in TVN-FM, a system straddling two routes into Tribute and close to areas of useful resources. The fall of the outpost marked the culmination of a startlingly swift campaign... or was this just the beginning? Birth of an Outpost Splagada of Tides of Silence corporation was in charge of Hydra Holdings Inc's finances at the time, which made him responsible for [...]

    ISGC Racing League Season V - Round up

    • YC110-08-15

      New Eden - Season V has recently come to a close and has been one of the most successful seasons for the League with an increase in the number of racers and teams, it has however also been a season of upsets, firstly with the death of Kendar Zek a great supporter of the league and well known philanthropist, and secondly with the title for the frigate class going to a rookie. The individual prizes this season went to: demon flir - [Scuderia Caille] Individual Frigate Champion Takashi Kurosawa - [...]

      Alliances Involved In Militia Politics

      • YC110-08-12

        The Emergency Militia War Powers Act prohibits pod pilot alliances from joining the militias. Despite the prohibition, some large alliances are becoming actively involved in militia politics. Star Fraction has openly declared war on corporations that have joined the Caldari militia; the State Protectorate. For over a month, Star Fraction has been selectively targeting the corporations of fleet commanders in the Caldari militia. Jade Constantine tells us: “Any corporation that describes itself as a [...]

        Odamia Retaken By Federal Forces

        • YC110-08-09

          After two months of occupation, the system of Odamia has been reclaimed by Federal forces. In a three day operation called “Operation Padlock”, members of Mixed Metaphor corporation successfully recaptured Odamia, the first system seized by a militia since the Emergency Militia War Powers Act was enacted. CEO Andreus Ixiris of MXD tells us that the heroes of the day were Dreadchain, Gabriel Karade, and Carlos Jaeger. These three pilots were pivotal in taking the control bunker in the system. The past [...]

          Premade Outpost Platforms

          • YC110-08-09

            Evolving Markets - Thousands of items trade hands on GalNet daily. Most items are relatively easy to build and are aimed at the average pod pilot. One pilot on GalNet has decided to try something different; create a product that is both time and resource consuming to build, and offer it for auction to the alliance that has the funds and space to deploy it. An Outpost Platform can cost anywhere from 25 to 30 billion isk to build. Purchasing and transporting the goods, as well as the time involved in [...]

            Morality and Legality

            • YC110-08-07

              Two of the main professions pod pilots engage in are mission running and mining. With these occupations attracting such large numbers, it is of little surprise to most that there are other more shady lines of work that thrive off the efforts of these pilots, namely ore theft and “ninja” salvaging. Although victims of these two activities question the morality of what they consider stealing, they also begrudgingly admit that the “thieves” are well within the bounds of current law. Ore Theft Almost as [...]