Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Battle In Southern Corridor

  • YC110-07-26

    On the evening of the 25th, Against ALL Authorities alliance engaged a mixed fleet including members of Paxton Federation, Curatores Veritatis Alliance, Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate, and Sev3rance in SV5-8N. Reports indicate that as many as five -A- titans were involved. HED-GP is considered the beginning of the southern route from empire space into the regions of Catch, Stain, Esoteria and Paragon Soul; any alliance holding the corridor can wreak havoc on supply lines for other alliances. With [...]

    First State Tower Destroyed by Federal Forces

    • YC110-07-13

      After a two day effort, Federal forces led by SSgt Sniper succeeded in destroying the first verified State Protectorate tower in the Villasen system. The tower, deployed by the Secretariate corporation, was discovered on a routine recon sweep by Sniper’s corporation. The tower was determined to be of a research/invention type, and it was decided to remove the structure at once. Stiff resistance was put up by State Fleet Commander Daniel Jackson’s force in two decisive engagements. With the defeat of [...]

      Max Damage Minimized in Deklein

      • YC110-07-13

        Deklein - In the early hours of the 10th, Band of Brothers attempted to use its new ‘Maximum Damage’ warfare philosophy. The current residents of the region, Imperial Republic Of the North, stopped the juggernaut in three decisive battles. Unable to bring the full force of its MAX assault into Deklein due to cynosural jammers, BoB was forced to use conventional ships in the opening moves. The initial attack occurred in VFK-IV where BoB attempted to neutralize the system’s cynosural jammer. Although [...]

        The Max Age Has Begun

        • YC110-07-10

          Band of Brothers has initiated an operation they call “Maximum Damage”, or the “Max Age” for short. In the first of four planned deployments, Shrike has led the first team of over 350 capital ships and 600 support ships into a staging area in Saranen, Lonetrek. Once all four deployments have been completed, they will work in concert to sweep through the Northern regions laying waste to everything they can. As Shrike told us, “The capital age is here. We just moved 350 capitals 50 light years in 2 [...]

          IC Presents: Faction Warfare Statistics

          • YC110-07-10

            POLARIS - The Interstellar Correspondents proudly present a new statistics service for the residents of EVE. The IC Faction Warfare Statistics System gives you the latest information available about the progress of the wars currently taking place between militias, wherever you are in the universe. From raw, searchable, pilot statistics to corporation information, rankings and historical graphs, the newly developed system will provide the data to you in an easy to understand format, straight to your [...]

            Federal Pilots Raid Into Nourvukaiken

            • YC110-07-07

              In another display of disdain for the Caldari Navy and the State Protectorate militia, Friedrick Psitalon and his Dead Parrot Shoppe comrades led a raid into the Nourvukaiken system on the evening of the sixth. Nourvukaiken has been a major staging area for the State Protectorate with easy access to Tama, an entry point into the contested zones. The stargate to Tama itself has been used repeatedly as an assembly point for State fleet ships. One such assembly was interrupted when Friedrick’s raiders [...]

              New Alliance Forms in Southern Regions - IAC Engages Roaming Gang

              • YC110-07-03

                A new alliance has recently formed in the southern reaches of the cluster. Members formerly of Triumvirate., Mercenary Coalition and Insurgency. came together in response to an idea put forth by Darknesss, CEO of D00M. corporation, forming The Requiem. INZi, CEO of one of the nine founding organizations, coracao ardente [CORA.] explained how they came together: "All the old Triumvirate. CEOs [have been] in a channel since Tri ended, and Darknesss was talking about creating a new alliance. We were [...]