Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

BIG Birthday for New Eden’s longest running lottery.

  • YC109-02-28

    The ubiquitous BIG Lottery, known universe-wide as the longest running and most successful of capsuleer-funded lottery franchises, is approaching an historical milestone this March 12th, when it will run its 100th draw. Despite the disappointment of a last-minute sponsorship withdrawal, it is expected that many will nonetheless celebrate what will be an epic landmark in almost four years of New Eden’s capsuleer gambling history. The key figure behind the success and history of the lottery is Tornsoul, [...]

    “Karishal’s Defiance”: Ushra’Khan lays rebel Captain to rest.

    • YC109-02-26

      QR-K85. Late Sunday evening the body of Karishal Muritor was transported from the UNITY outpost in 9UY4-H in a solemn procession led by Ushra’Khan. The recently deceased, a hero to many young and increasingly disillusioned Matari, was interred only two jumps away at a station named “Karishal’s Defiance” in his honour, the new name for the ex-ISS outpost now under Ushra’Khan management. Speaking to the large fleet assembled in 9UY4-H to honour the rebel leader’s final wishes, Sapphrine of the [...]

      War of New Eden

      • YC109-02-25

        NEW EDEN - The southern regions of New Eden have become engulfed in an epic war that has seen former enemies come together against a common foe, the Band of Brothers (BoB) and Lotka Volterra (LV). The war threatens to upset the balance of power in the galaxy, and has so far seen some staggering losses on both sides. BoB has long since declared that dominating all non-secure space has been their long- term goal, and no alliance has yet been able to stop their advances. Only now has a Coalition emerged [...]

        Titan Destroyed in Tenerifis

        • YC109-02-19

          JV1V-0 - At around 07:30 on the 16th, A Goonswarm and Red Alliance combined fleet assaulted a key Lotka Volterra system, successfully destroying their most important Starbase. What made the attack so significant was the fact that the Starbase housed capital shipyards in the process of building a Titan, believed to be a second Avatar-Class vessel intended to supplement their first. The assault was made possible due to an extensive Goonswarm intelligence network and the fact that the Starbase activated [...]

          Order of Medusa tests new virus, shocking the Sisters

          • YC109-02-05

            Hedoubel – Last week, after hearing that The Order of Medusa tried to secure a system, The Sisters of EVE sent an armed fleet to investigate and offer aid if needed. They found the Order of Medusa were using the station in the system and its inhabitants as labrats for a new virus. With the help of several capsuleer corporations, including The Blessed Sisters of Amarr, Pod Radio, House of Flying Daggers, The Crescent Order, Ixion Defense Systems, Phoenix Wing, The Durandal Organization and Equilibrium [...]