Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Spacey Love

  • YC109-12-20

    In the deepest corners of the Amarr system, one may find a man mining Veldspar in his Revelation. That man is Chribba. The same one who has introduced a new venture; one he refers to as 'The Love Project'. A not-so-secret plan involving ‘love cans’ and now even ‘love ships’, all loaded with high-end industrial gear. The first phase involved jettisoned canisters known as ‘love cans’ which were loaded with assorted goods. The kit is usually industry related, pertaining to occupations such as mining or [...]

    Tortuga: A new future for Period Basis

    • YC109-12-16

      In a series of press releases that shocked some and came as no surprise to others, the Mercenary Coalition reset all standings and swiftly followed it up by outlining a new future for the Period Basis region as a mercenary-and-friends owned area “unfettered by the agendas of foreign powers”. The Tortuga announcement declared that “as of Saturday the 15th of December MC, KIA Alliance, Ev0ke and 0utbreak claim the region of Period Basis as our home” and stated as their reason: “we do this for ourselves, [...]

      GalNet Lottery : Win a Tribal Issue Tempest

      • YC109-12-13

        A STORM GATHERING : Forged by the tribes of the Republic, representing valor, commitment and the unending struggle for freedom, the Tribal Issue Tempest is a rare and celebrated ship. To own one is an immense honour. Pilots of the also-rare Republic Fleet Issue tempest look on in envy at the the tribal version, which was once known simply as the "Storm". It is a far superior ship than its more basic counterparts; equipped with stronger electronics subsystems, updated shield arrays, strengthened armour [...]

        Clouds of War bloom on Providence’s horizon

        • YC109-12-03

          The Triumvirate Alliance is moving large quantities of capital warships and supporting battleship into the Assah system to launch a major attack into the Providence region. Triumvirate Alliance is reported to have close to 100 mixed carriers and dreadnoughts with as many battleships to support their operations. Numbers on super capitals that maybe be used are classified at this time. CVA, Sev3rence, Sylph Alliance and Paxton federation are the major alliances in the Providence region that will be [...]