GalNet Lottery : Win a Tribal Issue Tempest

A STORM GATHERING : Forged by the tribes of the Republic, representing valor, commitment and the unending struggle for freedom, the Tribal Issue Tempest is a rare and celebrated ship. To own one is an immense honour. Pilots of the also-rare Republic Fleet Issue tempest look on in envy at the the tribal version, which was once known simply as the "Storm".

It is a far superior ship than its more basic counterparts; equipped with stronger electronics subsystems, updated shield arrays, strengthened armour plating and re-engineered propulsion vents. Stories have been told of the few captains to pilot one and how they have had special nano-tattoos implanted to celebrate both the gift of the ship and the honour of piloting it.

And now the chance has arisen for you to pilot one.

There are only four remaining examples of this vessel across the cluster that are known to exist within a capsuleer's reach. Due to the rarity of these ships, conservative estimates put the value somewhere between 85 and 100 billion ISK. This ensures that these vessels will rarely ever be seen in space let alone the front lines of combat. Most likely they are all stored away in private collections, used for ceremonial purposes or even as investments.

One of these four tempests was awarded by the Republic Tribes to a small group from The Ronin alliance as a payment for an undisclosed service. These pilots have decided to have a GalNet-wide lottery with the prize being this unique craft. New Eden residents can purchase tickets by visiting the reference page given below. The draw will be held on the 22nd of December.

Good luck to all.

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Lottery organisers:
Sairait & Manc
Transfer & lottery funds managed by Chribba & Nhadala from Otherworld Enterprises Financials
Tribal Issue Tempest - Concord Registry Entry