Spacey Love

In the deepest corners of the Amarr system, one may find a man mining Veldspar in his Revelation. That man is Chribba. The same one who has introduced a new venture; one he refers to as 'The Love Project'. A not-so-secret plan involving ‘love cans’ and now even ‘love ships’, all loaded with high-end industrial gear.

The first phase involved jettisoned canisters known as ‘love cans’ which were loaded with assorted goods. The kit is usually industry related, pertaining to occupations such as mining or production. The project isn’t limited to a single region of space, though the Amarr controlled region did see the start of it. “...if I happen to cross that region you can be certain to find [a love can],” Chribba commented.

He recently started stage two of The Love Project; moving from simply jettisoned cans to fully fitted ships. He commented that “[the ship fitting] is almost always related to what I love”. A full industrial fitting was reported on the first Loveship, “Chribba’s Loveship#1”, located in the Amarr system outside of the Emperor station.

It all began with piles of mining laser-related blueprints; “I started to jettison a few here and there to roaming pilots” stated Chribba. It eventually moved out to include other objects, “it can be anything from blueprints to modules” he said.

The most anticipated prize, however, is to be handed out during the 'LoveQuest'. The Apocalypse Navy Issue – nicknamed the Veldpocalypse- is Chribba’s tenth Loveship. The Veldpocalypse, estimated to be worth approximately one billion ISK, is the grand prize for the LoveQuest, though not the only available prize. “There will be many prizes involved…” said Chribba, mentioning the starting point for the competition will be the Amarr system. The fluid router channel will be open and active starting Saturday the 22 and will be called “LoveQuest”.

All pilots are welcome to join in any phase of the venture, from casually looking for cans in their areas to actively hunting for the elusive Veldpocalypse. A good start is to find Chribba; “the likelihood of Love near me increases by 100% compared to being in deep 0.0” he said. Alternately, you could show up in Amarr at about 12:00 Eve Standard Time and join the LoveQuest channel to join the hunt for a number of prizes. The formula is simple: find Chribba, find love.