Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

NORAD space invaded by expanding Goonfleet

  • YC108-06-30

    OUTER RING. Fierce battles have been raging throughout the Outer Ring Region as the Goonswarm alliance continues their expansion efforts into space held by members of the New Outer Ring Allied Democracy (NORAD). Goonswarm was founded at the beginning of the month after splintering off from the OSS alliance and immediately annouced that they would contest NORAD's control over Outer Ring. The region has seen a number of battles in recent weeks, with much activity centred on the 4C-B7X system, the [...]

    ECAID testing new freighter cargo containment system, Insurance companies overjoyed

    • YC108-06-30

      The ECAID division of ISD, in conjunction with Freighter manufacturers, cargo expander manufacturers and some ship insurance providers, are in final testing of a new cargo containment control system. The updated control software resolves a major issue with dispersion of containment fields upon the destruction of a freighter. Previously, these containment fields would implode upon collapse, thus crushing the cargo and rendering it unsalvagable. The new control software reverses the implosion of the [...]

      *TEST* Stargate Collision causes pilot headaches.

      • YC108-06-27

        JITA. Congestion reached an all time high in the major trade hub of Jita yesterday as over 500 pod pilots all vied for the same space. The system which has recently become the focus of much attention in light of the statue errected to honor capsuleer corporation BURN EDEN for their successful completion of the riddles laid out in the will of a wealthy Caldari citizen. The statue has been the focus of much attention and has resulted in many pilots being hemmed in temporarily after a collision between [...]

        Band of Brothers Take Querious

        • YC108-06-10

          QUERIOUS. The Band of Brothers Alliance added a new region to its assets last week, storming Querious in full force and eventually capturing the region despite heavy resistance from a large coalition of alliances. They are now claiming the war for Querious as over, and the region as BoB sovereign territory. The lead up to these events stems back many months. For several of the coalition alliances, the aim originally was to remove Firmus Ixion, who had long inhabited the region. “We have not gotten [...]

          Interstellar Correspondents Seek Reporters, all races welcome.

          • YC108-06-10

            POLARIS. The Interstellar Correspondents, have decided to throw open their doors in a recruitment drive to find the best reporters in the galaxy. The Interstellar Correspondents are looking to boost their coverage of events and politics in all regions of EVE, from Yulai to the furthest reaches of low security space. Having a good grasp of interstellar politics is a must. You must have a sound understanding of all of the history of New Eden, as well as the political relationships between all of the [...]

            Civil war at an end – new hope for Deklein coalition.

            • YC108-06-01

              DEKLEIN. Last fortnight saw the end of the civil war between the Northern Freedom Coalition and the Freelancer Alliance. The conflict had been brought about by rogue individuals in the NFC feeding false information to their leaders in order to break up the coalition between the two alliances. Peace was restored after diplomats from both sides met to negotiate the terms of a ceasefire. Avril Dewar, who recently took over the presidency of the NFC commented that at the time one person in NFC had been [...]