Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

War Report: Conflict in the South

  • YC108-03-31

    Wicked Creek, Scalding Pass, Detorid - for months now these southern regions have played host to a fierce conflict between two of the largest political entities in this area of space. On the offensive there is a coalition of alliances: Veritas Immortalis, Chimaera Pact, Knights Of the Southerncross and Lotka Volterra, allied originally by their common goal - the removal of the political and military behemoth that is the Red Alliance from the south-eastern regions of known space. Prior to the war this [...]

    Mysterious Corporation reported terrorizing Curse

    • YC108-03-31

      CURSE. News reports from the border stations tell of a new group of hostile pilots attacking wayfarers and residents in this traditionally notorious area of space. The hostile pilots, identified as members of the Dark Angels Corporation, were first sighted around the Utopia and HLW-HP solar systems last Sunday, apparently roaming the area attacking all ships in their path with no clear provocation or cause. Those who encountered the group, allegedly numbering in five vessels, reported that they did [...]

      Billionaire Killed in Murky Ransom Operation

      • YC108-03-24

        TAISY. Newcomer to the capsuleer community and billionaire Sid Cops was recently ransomed and killed by rogue corporation Total Ransom. What sets this incident apart is the sum paid by the victim, which totalled 2000 million ISK. It would seem Mr. Cops was visiting relatives in Caldari space, when he was caught in his Deimos by the pirates, who first ransomed him, and once paid, swiftly destroyed the ship and the capsule. Help did arrive, but too late to prevent the payoff and ensuing destruction. [...]

        The Forsaken Empire Mounts Massive Operation with Newfound Allies

        • YC108-03-24

          D7-ZAC. Allied forces consisting of The Forsaken Empire, Kaos Empire and The Five were joined by Gurista Pirates in an effort to dismantle the hostile Starbases placed by IRON and G. In a bid to impress their newfound allies as much as to ensure the security of the Capital-class vessels, the coalition assembled a fleet of more than 320 vessels on the spot, consisting of around 150 Battleships, 150 miscellaneous support vessels, as well as a Carrier and four Dreadnoughts, with over a dozen on stand-by [...]

          Tank and The Scrapper

          • YC108-03-24

            THE FORGE. A duel recently took place in Jita between Tank CEO of the Dark Cartel Corporation and Scrapper Secura of Knockout Inc.The duel, organised by Ronaldo ‘Green Eyes’ Ling, concluded in a victory for Tank CEO. M. Ling, a dual organiser and promoter self titled ‘Fight Promoter Extraordinaire’, announced that his prize fighter Scrapper Secura was seeking a skilled pilot to fight against. Tank CEO accepted the challenge and engaged Scrapper’s Deimos in his Cerberus. The two seemed evenly matched, [...]

            Ascendant Frontier To Divide Forces

            • YC108-03-15

              Several days ago, high-ranking Ascendant Frontier members were notified of an imminent split in their alliance as the Dirty Deeds Corporation, along with Eye of God, planned to start a new alliance that would claim the Impass region. An anonymous source with access to this information has put forth a summary, partly confirmed in a conversation with Steel Rat, ASCN Director. Dirty Deeds Corp and Eye of God plan to present the inhabitants of Impass with two options: joining the new alliance or staying [...]

              BIG bubble bursts, BIG Bank Check Bounces.

              • YC108-03-05

                BIG’s latest enterprise failed to live up to its promise and Big Bank has suffered a 140 million loss even before any members of the public used its services. “Not a single loan has been made,” were the words that Tornsoul used to describe the current state of the BIG Bank, “except one 'test loan' from an interested shareholder. This will be a heavy blow to investors who believed they would be getting huge dividends from the scheme after BIG's previous success”. What is worse is that the Big Bank has [...]

                The 'Jewel of Branch' falls.

                • YC108-03-01

                  BRANCH - System BKG-Q2, long time home of The Phoenix Alliance (PA) has changed hands last week, falling to The Five Alliance (.5.) after a series of destructive dreadnaught strikes against all stations in the system. This development marks a major shift of power in the Northern theater as the conflict between .5. and PA continues. "After our conflicts with Red Alliance, there was a lot of animosity between The Forsaken Empire, PA and NBSI, what with them declaring us dead and defeated." said .5. [...]