Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Caldari Corporation aids in Gurista plans

  • YC108-10-25

    NONNI – Pilots in Lonetrek were left bemused last Monday by a shotgun trade between Obuchi Kun, a known Gurista operative and Auluras Reikatoh, the CEO of Igneus Civitas. The Gurista operative fled after the trade was completed before Caldari law enforcement could arrive on the scene. Caldari officials and a squad of marines were mere minutes away from apprehending Kun, who they believe has been working for over five months on a secret project for the Guristas. However, Kun slipped away to [...]

    Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate weathers Mercenary Coalition storm

    • YC108-10-25

      CATCH – Over the past weeks the G-7WUF system, and its surrounding systems, has been the scene of large scale fighting between the Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate [IAC] and the Mercenary Coalition [MC]. The attack on Conglomerate owned space stations in G-7WUF by over 20 Coalition Dreadnaught class vessels started a conflict that not only tested the resolve of the IAC, but also triggered several other alliances to come to IAC's aid. Despite admitting to heavy losses, the Conglomerate’s morale [...]

      Capsuleer conflict rages in Mito Constellation

      • YC108-10-13

        LONETREK. The Mito constellation, home to the Caldari State loyalist capsuleer alliance the Kimotoro Directive, is fast becoming a hotbed of violence and intrigue as numerous organizations become drawn into a conflict over territory and ideology. Despite some initial defeats the Directive is showing little sign of backing down, suggesting that Mito may be a war zone for quite some time. Now the target of two war declarations, the Kimotoro Directive has stated that both wars were expected for a long [...]

        War Erupts in the South, Avatar Activates Judgement Device

        • YC108-10-03

          FEYTHABOLIS. A Doomsday-class device was activated successfully on Sunday by the Ascendant Frontier Titan during a skirmish with Band of Brothers forces. While casualties were low, this is yet another landmark in the scale that capsuleer-driven politics and warfare are taking. Witnesses to the event mention a "blinding white light" that engulfs everything in sight, leaving nothing but scorched remains behind it. The conflict between the two neighbours erupted shortly after BoB's announcement that it [...]