Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Bloody protest against Concord

  • YC107-09-28

    Starting in Oursulaert Miz Cenuij has begun his protest against Concord, he is now moved on to protest in Jita and this is where I eventually meet him up with him. Miz Cenuij is a well known pirate and his protest is far from peaceful or silent. The pirates have suffered the unfair treatment of Concord long enough in silence, and Miz Cenuij has thought up a way that will make everyone’s soul scream. Whether that is in delight or disgust depends on whether you are a victim of Miz Cenuji or Concord. How [...]

    Legion patrol receives support from local capsuleers

    • YC107-09-27

      During a routine tour of their new home space last weekend, a Mordu's Legion patrol received assistance from a number of resident capsuleer organisations operating within the Pure Blind region. Upon learning of the patrols intentions the capsuleer contingent, primarily made up of pilots from Cutting Edge Incorporated and Bladerunners offered their services in securing the area. Reinforced by these numerous capsuleer vessels, the patrol now numbering over twenty ships, and led by Lt. Amlerik Raun made [...]

      Viqer Fell offers a new solution to the Amarr

      • YC107-09-25

        Continuing our series of interview, this time we present you a well known name in the Minmatar community: Viqer Fell. For friends he is the perfect picture of a loyal tribesman for his enemies he is a cold hearted psychopath or a troubled and disillusioned slave. Viqer fell started his pilot career as a miner, he met the other founders of his corporation and they quickly became friends, they shared the same ideas on the fate of their people. The corporation would grow famous under the name The [...]

        Revolutionary thinking - A conversation with Jade Constantine

        • YC107-09-23

          The Interstellar Correspondents are happy to bring you a new series of articles which are based on interviews with famous or infamous capsule pilots. Today we bring to you Jade Constantine, a cunning troublemaker to foes and an enlightened soul to her friends. Jade was able to pay for her original education as a pilot because she had successfully sued her previous employer for negligence while she was recovering in the hospital. She worked for a period as an undercover Valentine agent for the Gallente [...]

          Stargate changes alter the face of trading - Yulai in decay

          • YC107-09-15

            Yulai, once a vibrant trade hub, now slowly decaying. What used to be one of the largest open markets in our space has lost a significant portion of trade to other systems, a direct result of the stargate re-routing which took place almost two months ago, when the Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic took action against rampant smuggling of illegal goods. The dwindling of trade in Yulai has not surprised trade moguls. Visiting Yulai, I had the opportunity to speak to KIAEddz, CEO of mercenary [...]

            Speculation grows over Placid market orders

            • YC107-09-09

              Following last weeks reports of unusual buy orders in the Placid region, bars and other gathering places popular with merchants in key stations along the regions trade routes have been awash with rumours concerning the motivations of Jevako Niedboux, the man at the centre of these extraordinary dealings. Gossip and conjecture between traders increased today when Niedboux updated his market buy orders requesting further volumes of small arms and Caldari officer insignias, as well as placing several new [...]

              ALMPC return with more events planned

              • YC107-09-09

                The Ashen Lion Mining and Production Consortium ran a racing event back in June and, after a tough few months, they're back on track, planning another event for this Sunday. I had the opportunity to speak to Benilopax, CEO of the ALMPC, last night and he's very excited about the coming event which will run through most of the day, starting early in the afternoon. The two main races, to be held in the Kino system, are scheduled for 17:00 Eve Time and 19:00 Eve Time, both promising impressive rewards [...]