Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Ushra’Khan convoy brings aid to Mabnen

  • YC107-06-14

    Events in Mabnen were brought to a new level last week when the infamous freedom fighter alliance the Ushra’Khan entered the fray, transporting thousands of tons of supplies and aid to the Minmatar Freedom Extension station in orbit around Mabnen VII, allocated for distribution to the beleaguered slaves on Mabnen I. Traveling in a fleet of 60-70 ships, the convoy of Ushra’Khan and other loyalist Matari ships left Pator early Sunday evening and proceeded to travel to Mabnen, where the aid was collected [...]

    EVE gate bears witness to a beautiful union

    • YC107-06-08

      12 days ago, under the wan light of the EVE gate, a couple were bound by the strongest and most permanent force known to mankind: love. Quirc and Layrah, members of EVE Defense Force and Ascendant Frontier alliance, were bonded in wedlock by Rash'kyu Wha, a master of ceremonies from Polaris. Solemnly intoning his benediction and blessing under the stars, Rash’kyu formally pronounced Quirc and Layrah husband and wife. The following is a partial transcript of the ceremony. Rash'kyu Wha > Ladies and [...]

      Calling all Speed Junkies

      • YC107-06-04

        The Ashen Lion Mining and Production Consortium is holding two races tomorrow in the Molden Heath region of the Minmatar Republic. I had the opportunity to speak with Benilopax, Co-CEO of the ALMPC, who had the following to say: "With these races, I hope to bring my local Constellation together, as well as all of the other corporations who will join the festivities tomorrow." There will be two main races; the first, to begin at 15:00 EVE Time, will consist of a waypoint-to-waypoint flight around the [...]