Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Incompetent courier may have blown secret pirate operation

  • YC107-04-26

    The system of Scolluzer, like many others in EVE is a hive of activity, where thousands of pilots make deals they hope will bring them riches. Tonight it played host to a different and altogether more suspicious deal which was, rather oddly, discussed over the local communications net. Roni Rylly, an old pilot with a less than impressive resume was waiting to meet a courier who was somewhat more than late. A second pilot, Emilio Ostaban offered to use a location agent to find the missing courier. It [...]

    Ubiqua Seraph suffer major blow, days after their alliance formation

    • YC107-04-19

      Ubiqua Seraph, an Amarr Loyalist corporation that is well known for their unique stance on Amarr politics, was the victim of the largest corporation theft in living memory earlier this week. The theft occured mere days after the official formation of the Aegis Militia alliance, of which Ubiqua Seraph was the executor. Ubiqua Seraph had been struck by the Guiding Hand Social Club, a corporation which, according to GHSC founder and public relations officer Istvaan Shogaatsu, "offers...unconventional [...]

      A new power rises from the Empire

      • YC107-04-17

        Empires rise and Empires fall, but tonight saw the rise of the latest one, for tonight was the ceremony which formally announced the formation of the Aegis Militia Alliance. Meeting in Haras, at the second starbase they have opened to reclaim the system from the Blood Raiders, pilots from the 4 member corporations, Murkon Prime Interstellar Productions, The Aeternus Crusade, Amarria Auxillia and the executor corporation, Ubiqua Seraph, ratified the charter which they have all sworn an oath to follow. [...]

        interview with Kaleigh doyle - Posthumanism presses on

        • YC107-04-08

          Lately, the Intergalactic Summit on GalNet is the source for a relatively new group of people, the posthumanists. One of these people, Kaleigh doyle, has erected a political party, and is currently trying to run for Gallente President, a candidacy that has not yet been confirmed or denied. I have had the opportunity to send her a short list of questions, on her party ideals. In the past, you have been mostly associated with public actions surrounding the Glamour Bunnies, as well as feeding and housing [...]