Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Curse Alliance responds to allegations

  • YC106-01-21

    _ CURSE: In the past few days, Minmatar in the Curse Alliance have been responding angrily to the accusations made by certain members of the Thukker Tribe and others. To delve further into this controversial issue, I called upon my good friend and associate Morkalum Takor to report on the matter from the inside of Curse. The following is the result of his work._ Recently, the media spotlight has been pointing towards the Curse Alliance that is occupying the Thukker Tribe Sovereignty within the Great [...]

    'Change and positive growth' - an interview with Halseth Durn

    • YC106-01-19

      There are always at least two sides to a conflict, and the one in Venal is no exception. Halseth Durn of Oberon-Inc came forth as the spokesperson of the newly formed alliance a few days ago, and I called upon him to provide me with his view of the events there. Oberon corp is known to many as the progressive Amarrian industrialists on whose agenda is the abolishment of slavery, in favour of high-tech equipment. They have been in the forefront of at least two alliances, the old Syndicate-Placid [...]

      'Venal is Cursed' - an interview with Jade Constantine

      • YC106-01-15

        Far beyond Caldari space lies a region named Venal. It is a rich but dangerous area of space, and home to the infamous Guristas pirate cabal. Enterprising corporations have been going there for ages, to harvest its plentiful asteroid belts and to collect CONCORD issued bounties. But what makes Venal different from other regions in this galaxy? Why have several allianced risen and fallen there, and why is there almost constant warfare - if not between alliances, then war within an alliance? A few days [...]