Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Gunhilda Zetter joins CONCORD as Interstellar Correspondant

  • YC105-09-30

    The Sebaeu Foundation, a voluntarily funded organisation set up to promote the free exchange of unbiased news throughout Amarr space, has finally announced that Gunhilda Zetter, Chief Correspondent for the Kor-Azor Regional Bureau, is now working for CONCORD with the newly set-up Interstellar News Administration. It appears she left the Foundation well over a week ago, the official announcement apparently delayed in respect of the death of Emperor Heideran VII. Zetter rose to prominence after her [...]

    Minmatar Freedom Fighters Vow Defiance of All Amarr Succession Candidates

    • YC105-09-26

      ENNUR – Two freedom fighters from the People’s Front of Minmatar, Viqer Fell and Tyto, openly denounced all prospective candidates actively vying for power in Amarr during an interview with the Interstellar Reporters, stating that they would only recognize a candidate who “supported the complete and total abolition of slavery” within the Empire. The two also openly admitted to taking part in a recent series of ferocious ambushes against Amarr targets within the Derelik Region (reported by [...]

      Curse and Stain regions a warzone

      • YC105-09-24

        Open warfare has been declared between the old established Stain-alliance and the newly formed Curse-alliance (which includes corporations that have fought the SA in one form or another before). All pilots are warned that members of both alliances have threatened to shoot at any and all ships within their range for the duration of the war. Allegedly, some large battles have taken place with casualties on both sides. Reports are vague as the area is obviously a challenge for correspondents to enter.

        Agents Agree on Interstellar Reporter, Coronach

        • YC105-09-23

          Delegates from the Inter-Galactic Agent-Rights group met recently with CONCORD officials to present their candidate for Interstellar Reporter. Agents throughout known space have long sought to more broadly express their concerns and the opportunities they provide to the adventurous pilots of EVE. Now, it seems, they will get that wish, for it is with pride that I, Coronach, their candidate, accept CONCORD appointment to the position of Interstellar Reporter. I look forward to serving CONCORD, the [...]

          CONCORD appoints Domain Region correspondent

          • YC105-09-23

            Greetings, everyone. My name is Iece Quaan. I'd like to introduce myself as one of the new Interstellar Correspondents for the Domain region. CONCORD, through a rigorous submission process, has selected seven correspondents from around the galaxy to bring local news to the populace of EVE. I am very happy to have been chosen to be a part of this program. I will be reporting on anything and everything. Events, rumors, corporate policies, anything that catches my attention. I do not intend to cater to [...]

            A vigil for the Amarr Emperor tonight

            • YC105-09-11

              A vigil for Heideran VII, the Amarr Emperor, will be held tonight at 19:00 at the Emperor station in the Amarr system. The vigil is being organized by Lady Vetinari of the PIE Inc. and she urges all Amarr pilots and others that wish for the swift recovery of the emperor to attend. The whereabouts and condition of the emperor are still a mystery and many fear that he may be mortally sick. It is the hope of those organizing the vigil that the emperor can quickly return to office before the empire [...]