Minmatar Freedom Fighters Vow Defiance of All Amarr Succession Candidates

ENNUR – Two freedom fighters from the People’s Front of Minmatar, Viqer Fell and Tyto, openly denounced all prospective candidates actively vying for power in Amarr during an interview with the Interstellar Reporters, stating that they would only recognize a candidate who “supported the complete and total abolition of slavery” within the Empire. The two also openly admitted to taking part in a recent series of ferocious ambushes against Amarr targets within the Derelik Region (reported by correspondent Lemetar Relem on 23/09/03), and lashed out against critics of the attacks who “lack the backbone to stand up for their beliefs”. The interview, seen below, is demonstrative of the impassioned hatred between the two states that the next Emperor will have to face.

What is the People's Front of Minmatar's position towards the various candidates for the Succession Trials to the Amarr Throne? Let's begin with Jamyl Sarum....
T: (spits) Sarum!
VF: We like no Amarr Succession candidates.
T: If the Sarum family accedes the throne, all out war is inevitable.
VF: You see, any Candidate that stated their intention to free our people during the Succession Trials would never take hold, yet that is the only candidate we would choose to support. Imagine…an Amarr Succession candidate who supported the complete and total abolition of slavery? Never. Thus, we will work to dethrone any so-called “deity“ who rises to power.

And what of Doriam Kor-Azor?
VF: Replace Heideran with another Heideran, pah!
T: I think for the "ordinary" person in space, the change will mean little. We have heard promises of reform for years; meanwhile, the Empire protects the status quo. Sarum is dangerous for the “ordinary” citizen.

How so?
T: She will destabilize entire regions. If the Empire starts to march on her reclamation of their position.... war will follow, and people will die.
VF: For too long have our people been belittled and our struggle laughed at by the empires that span the galaxy. Sarum gaining power may force the other races to face up to their responsibilities and fight with us to rid space of this Amarr curse. Even the Republic classifies us as criminals for our actions, preferring to cower at the Emperor’s table rather than fight for its own people’s rights! I speak for myself here…

Are your stern grievances directed toward the Amarr citizens, or towards the policies of their government?
T: The two are inseparable.
VF: Both. The people of the Empire, through their acceptance of the Emperor, give their complicit support of his policies. In this complicit support, they are guilty.
T: The average Amarr citizen has earned position or wealth on the backs of slaves somewhere along the line. It would appear to me that there are no good Amarrians.
VF: The only thing that evil needs to win is for good men to do nothing…and so far the majority of Amarrians have done just that, nothing.

There have been reports of ambushes on unarmed Amarr convoys and mention of 'terrorist' type activity in the Derelik region...
VF: (interrupting) We cannot possibly comment on our operations directly....

Do you believe these raids benefit the cause of the Minmatar in the eyes of the other states?
VF: Given that we conducted those operations, of course we say “yes”.

Is that on or off the record?
VF: On the record. The recent news story has been confirmed as relating directly to our operations in that region, although our names were not mentioned within the article. You see, if we lie down and do not fight, then we become as the Ni-Kunni. The Ni-Kunni are as bad as the Amarr, for they represent everything we fight against--the lack of free spirit, and the willingness to let another race dominate and enslave. The Amarr find us rather less palatable than their previous conquests.
T: Being labeled "terrorist" by those without the backbone to stand up for their beliefs has been the burden of freedom fighters throughout history.
VF: Freedom is worth all the name-calling.

Are you aware that there is growing support for Stavros as a potential candidate for Succession?
T: I had heard the name.
VF: I was not personally aware of this, as my news tends to come from traders and miners who venture away from the safer space lanes.

He is a member of m0o, and there are circles of prominent individuals who are actively campaigning for his Succession.
T: It is a reflection on the state of Amarrian politics when a candidate like this is taken seriously. Apathy is a problem in any political system.
VF: (laughing) At least everyone would know the Emperor is honorless scum then rather than the masquerade we currently have.

In a recent interview, Stavros was quoted as leaning more towards Sarum's political objectives for the Amarr Empire.
VF: Then he will die as well as their last "god" did.

Is that for the record?
VF: Yes.
T: It is clear for anyone to see that the Empire is eating itself from the inside. Someone, somewhere wanted Heideran dead.
VF: It is a reflection of how backward the Amarrians are that they still believe this religious claptrap that a man can become a “god” and that his word is divine. They are no better than the ignorant barbarians of our common ancestry.

Emperor Heideran was over 500 years old when he passed...are you going to imply on the record that the Emperor's death was not natural?
T: For the record...I am stating that I believe his death was "suspicious".
VF: Either way, he is dead, and I for one am glad of it. If he needed help being relieved of his mortal coil--and I say “mortal”, not “immortal”--then good for the assassin.

So what is the current state of the Rebellion?
T: The Rebellion for us, or the Rebellion in general?

The rebellion that is the cause of the P.F.M., of course...
VF: The Rebellion grows daily, and gains momentum with every story of Sarum’s accession, or proposed accession.
T: Our efforts grow, but I say again, there is apathy in the general populace. They have forgotten the dangers and pain caused by Amarr. They languish in multi racial corps, believing we are not entitled to our heritage.

Do you feel that Heiderans's death helps your cause or gives you some kind of strategic opportunity?
T: His death will make our efforts stronger, and when the inevitable war comes, more will flock to our banner.
VF: The cancer that eats away at the heart of the empire will only encourage people to our banner.

If any of the Succession Candidates offered a summit meeting, or proposed an accord to settle differences between the two states, would you be receptive to hearing it?
T: If it meant a conclusion to the issues we fight, then yes.
VF: It would really depend on the terms. Slavery would have to be on the table, as in ending it outright, no questions asked.

Even if it was offered by Sarum?
T: If Sarum offered to end slavery, then we would have to listen to her. I would be sure I had a warp stabilizer equipped, though.
VF: As I stated before, any candidate who proposes an end to slavery would be supported. But this would be conditional on their not enslaving someone else. We would not sit idly by whilst they free our people, only to try to enslave the Caldari, for example. Or at least, I would not.

How important do you feel that influence by other states--such as the Caldari or Gallente--affects the political situation between the Minmatar and Amarr?
T: In political terms, I don't think the Amarr fear any diplomatic pressure.
VF: I believe they are too busy squabbling amongst themselves to be of much influence.
T: We do, however, receive many messages of support from both Gallente and Caldari pilots.

That was my next question...care to mention names?
T: No.
VF: I think it would be unfair to place them in the spotlight like this.
T: We have numerous enemies, the support is sensitive information.

I notice you're a bountied man, Viqer.
VF: (smiles)

Do you have a message for any bounty hunters that may be trying to collect your corpse’s payout?
T: Even the corpses of our newest members have a market value to some.
VF: Yes I do. To them I say I am not a pirate! I fight with honor for my people, as our enemies will attest to. Hunting me down is only supporting the continued moral abuses suffered by my people, and as such I will not hesitate to defend myself.

What of those who hunt you that are Minmatar themselves?
VF: Traitors.
T: Misguided fools. This is the spiritual home of all Minmatar.
VF: As such will be shot like traitors. I have never been hunted by a fellow Minmatar, and I do not think any are so misguided that they would do so. This bounty is a badge of honor as far as I am concerned, a reflection of the hatred the Amarr have for me and the war that I fight. I wear it with pride.

Gentlemen, I thank you for your time...
VF: Thank you for your time also.
T: Thanks for the opportunity. People must hear what we do.