Gunhilda Zetter joins CONCORD as Interstellar Correspondant

The Sebaeu Foundation, a voluntarily funded organisation set up to promote the free exchange of unbiased news throughout Amarr space, has finally announced that Gunhilda Zetter, Chief Correspondent for the Kor-Azor Regional Bureau, is now working for CONCORD with the newly set-up Interstellar News Administration. It appears she left the Foundation well over a week ago, the official announcement apparently delayed in respect of the death of Emperor Heideran VII.

Zetter rose to prominence after her imprisonment in the wake of the Chaven suicide attacks five years ago when it was discovered that the Minmatar terrorist leader who led the fatal attack on Convoy CS-237 was interviewed by her just days before. Charged with heresy and treason, there was insufficient evidence to imprison her and she was forced into self-imposed exile for over three years until she was pardoned by the Amarr authorities.

A registered narcoleptic, Zetter was unavailable for comment. CONCORD have however made assurances that she can be reached via all the official IC channels of communication by those wishing to submit news requests. Sebaeu have since made public that they will not be advertising for applicants to fill the vacancy.