Republic Stands Still As Trillions Prepare For Liberation Day Celebrations

New Eden News | YC119-07-11 - By Lina Ambre

PATOR - The Minmatar Republic stood still at noon today to mark the 139th anniversary of the successful Matari Rebellion against the Amarr Empire, which paved the way for the formation of the Republic more than a century ago.

Seven minutes of silence - one to remember the lives lost from each of the seven Matari tribes - were observed starting at noon, in advance of celebrations that will begin across thousands of worlds in the Republic over the course of the next few hours.

A national holiday in the Republic, it is expected that an estimated six trillion Matari citizens will turn out in force tonight to celebrate Liberation Day with planetside firework displays and communal gatherings of families and clans scheduled across the Republic, as well as in Matari communities around the cluster.

The Seven minutes of silence observed this afternoon served as a precursor to a powerful speech delivered by Sanmatar Shakor, which occurred at the end of a meeting of the Tribal Council at the Great Caravanserai. During the address, which was broadcast across the Republic, he stressed the need for continued unity between the seven tribes and called for time to reflect on "the memory of all those lost in the struggle against oppression, tyranny and evil."

Sanmatar Shakor also reflected on the loss of former Prime Minister Karin Midular, paying tribute to her work as leader of the Sebiestor Tribe, while describing the loss of the Ray of Matar as "the most profound tragedy in the recent history of the Republic". The Sanmatar closed his remarks by emphasizing the need for "vigilance, strength and resolve against threats both foreign and domestic, during a time of heightened interstellar tension".

Sanmatar Shakor was seen departing Pator under heavy Republic Fleet escort around an hour ago, piloting the Republic Fleet Naglfar class dreadnought RFS Defiance. His vessel, along with its forty strong strike group escort were all noted to be wearing "Firewall Breach" nanocoatings, which were developed by the designers at the Republic Fleet in commemoration of this year's Liberation Day celebrations.

It is believed that Sanmatar Shakor will spend Liberation Day celebrations in Illuin this year, at Republic Fleet headquarters.