Quafe Company Receives Substantial Pre-Tribunal Settlement From State Armed Forces For Loss Of Convoy

New Eden News | YC119-05-25 - By Lina Ambre

MAURASI - The Caldari Business Tribunal has confirmed the rescindment of charges against Caldari Customs by the Quafe company this afternoon, after a pre-tribunal settlement was reached between the two organizations that will prevent further legal action against the State Armed Forces.

Speaking to the interstellar press, Justice Kai Etashanko, the administrator for the high-profile case that has gripped both the State and Federation since March confirmed that "The Quafe Company has cancelled all pending litigation against the State Armed Forces after settlement terms were agreed to this morning. Details of the settlement will of course remain confidential between those parties involved, and all House of Records archives have been updated as is appropriate."

Legal experts at The Scope believe that for such a fast resolution to have been reached, the settlement must involve substantial compensation from the State Armed Forces, with educated estimates believed to put the figure at a value of more than five hundred billion kredits.

In a press conference called shortly after the announcement was made by the CBT, Fleet Admiral Mininela Erinen, Executive Officer of the State Armed Forces, made a statement to clarify the organization's position, saying that "while a settlement has been agreed upon today between the SAF and the Quafe Company, the position of the SAF has not changed on this matter.

"The circumstances surrounding the events that transpired on March 26th - which resulted in the loss of the Quafe Company's Convoy - remain disputed. Neither party has been able to offer the CBT full and complete timeline of events, or an explanation for what caused the destruction of seven vessels and the loss of 4,691 personnel.

"The SAF has agreed to a settlement with two objectives. The first is to avoid lengthy and costly litigation which will waste man hours that could otherwise be used defending the State at a time of heightened alert. The second objective is to preserve the dignity and memory of those lost in the incident - all of whom, may I remind the press and public, were naturalized citizens of the Caldari State."

Admiral Erinen closed the press conference by further elaborating on the position of the State Armed Forces. Her words have drawn strong criticism from within Federal borders after she stated that "in conclusion, the SAF accepts no liability or responsibility for the loss of the 4,691 Quafe Company personnel who were killed in the incident.

"We do however acknowledge that at the time of the incident, the vessels and personnel involved were within Caldari borders, under the jurisdiction of the SAF, and were under instruction from Caldari Customs. The agreement of a settlement with the Quafe Company is neither admission nor confirmation of either liability or responsibility for the incident."

After concluding her statement, Admiral Erinen left the Caldari Business Tribunal's main conference hall abruptly, without addressing questions from the assembled press.