SOE Splinter Group Warns of Shift in Drifter Activity; Thukker Tribe Confirms Anomalous Behavior

New Eden News | YC118-11-10 - By Lina Ambre

M-MD3B - Drifter activity is undergoing a shift in patterns seen in so-called "W-space", according to the Sisters of EVE splinter group calling itself "Pharos of Thera". Sources in the Thukker Tribe have confirmed that anomalous behavior has been observed in known centers of Drifter activity in W-space, the wormhole connected regions also known as "Anoikis".

Former Sanctuary School scientist Taya Akira, the figurehead of the Pharos group, has told the Scope that her sources have "seen a subtle but steady shifting of Drifter activity in Anoikis reflecting a possible expansion of their K-space operations beyond the well-established pattern of surveillance and scavenging."

Taya Akira went on, "We believe that Drifter military forces are preparing to escalate from response actions supporting their Seeker drones. At present we can't anticipate what that escalation might be but we have seen the Drifters respond militarily and in great force to technological developments within the empires before."

The Scope reached out to a number of sources in the interstellar diplomatic and military communities in light of the extraordinary nature of recent claims made by the Pharos of Thera group. A high-level source within the Thukker Tribe has confirmed that their Anoikis surveillance and reconnaissance groups have observed unusual and "anomalous" behavior in and around major centers of Drifter activity in the W-space regions.

CONCORD has responded to requests for comment by noting that its DED taskforce on Anoikis is "monitoring developments and is analyzing recently acquired data with a view to assessing the present threat level".