Rogue Swarm Alert Response Commended by CONCORD as Capsuleers Purge Nests

New Eden News | YC119-06-21 - By Lina Ambre

YULAI - CONCORD has issued a status report on the ongoing "Rogue Swarm Alert" noting the destruction of over a million rogue swarm nests so far and commending the high response from capsuleers in the campaign to remove the widespread infestation from New Eden.

In a press briefing at Directive Enforcement Department HQ, Brigadier General Odo Korachi highlighted the "heroic efforts" of many capsuleers, noting that a significant number of capsuleers had individually taken part in the destruction of several hundred rogue swarm nests each. General Korachi also pointed out that so far approximately 50,000 pilots have responded to the threat posed by the rogue swarm.

The briefing also confirmed that rogue swarm nests have been found and destroyed throughout New Eden and even within the "W-space" network of wormhole connected star systems. While most efforts have focused on removing the threat from high- and low-security space, CONCORD analysts note several hundred thousand nests have been eliminated in the null-sec outer regions and W-space.

Concluding his remarks, General Korachi stated, "CONCORD and the Rogue Swarm Alert Command Group are now confident that this highly distributed rogue swarm will be dispersed as its core Overmind network is dismantled by the outstanding work of the capsuleers responding to the alert."

The Rogue Swarm Alert continues and the Scope will continue to report on developments.