Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor Addresses Minmatar Liberation Day Crowds

New Eden News | YC120-07-11 - By Lina Ambre

Matar, Pator - In an address to massed crowds at the Grand Caravanserai on Matar, Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor has issued a call to action on the 140th anniversary of the successful Great Rebellion against the Amarr Empire.

Speaking to the crowds of celebrating Republic citizens on behalf of the Tribal Council, Sanmatar Shakor delivered the following remarks:

" My Fellow Matari,

Today we celebrate the freedom we have taken for ourselves.
Today we are grateful for the brave men and women that put their lives on the line to defend that freedom.
Today we remember the lives that we have lost to the oppression of the Amarr.
Today we renew our vow to rescue those Minmatar still chained far from their home.

I call upon you all, even as we celebrate our one hundred and forty years of freedom, to avoid the trap of complacency.
I call upon you all to stand up and fight alongside your brothers and sisters in defence of our freedom.
I call upon you all to break the chains in the continuing struggle to free our kin.

Remember who we are, where we came from and, above all, remember those who are still to be liberated.

So I say again, join us in the fight for freedom and never forget!

Death to the slavers!
Long live the tribes!
We come for our people! "

The Sanmatar's speech was received with roars of approval both at the Grand Caravanserai and across Minmatar space, where it was holocast to similarly large crowds in most Minmatar cities and colonies.

The Republic Justice Department has begun an intensive anti-slavery campaign to coincide with the 140th anniversary of Liberation Day, and will be funding a program of rewards for capsuleers raiding unsanctioned slaver facilities and liberating those held in them. The RJD has stated that the liberation campaign consists of "two weeks of focused activity by our Justice Liberator units against illegal slaver operations in conjunction with freelancer capsuleers we will recruit and reward through the Agency."

Noting that many unsanctioned slaver facilities operate in Amarr Empire space, the RJD statement said: "We are simply encouraging capsuleers to act against outlawed slaver operations and our transports are operating under the terms of the Yulai Convention." Amarr Empire authorities have not commented on the RJD campaign except to generally state: "The Amarr Empire's commitment to the rule of law mandates the elimination of all illegal incursions in our space, including those who transgress against Holy Law and Scripture dealing with the rights of Holders, and certainly any who are enemies of the Throne of Amarr."

The Tribal Liberation Force also issued a call for more fighters at the start of a new recruitment drive by the TLF, targeting Minmatar loyalists, as well as capsuleers sympathetic to the Republic to join their cause. When questioned, Tribal Liberation Force CEO Gar Orga had the following to say:

"Today marks the 140th remembrance of the successful Matari rebellion against the Amarr Empire. In the past years, our liberation force has fought and won many a fight, but the war has not yet been won. With today's anniversary we have issued a statement to remind the Republic of this, and to encourage men and women who can fight to join us, so we can end this war, liberating our border systems once and for all."