The Scope - Pirates Threaten Citadels; SCC Clamp Down

New Eden News | YC125-11-09 - By Alton Haveri

The Scope – Pirates Threaten Citadels; SCC Clamp Down

Alton Haveri reports for the Scope on the latest developments from Zarzakh, where the Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates have threatened capsuleer-owned citadels near Jovian stargates. The Scope also reports on an SCC crackdown on money laundering and increased capsuleer activity in Turnur.

News in Brief

  • Deathless Circle and Pirate Allies Demand Removal of Capsuleer Structures in Alsavoinon and G-0Q86

  • Fierce Fighting in Aldranette System as State and Federal Militias Battle for Control of Frontline System

  • Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates Threaten Capsuleer Structure Owners with Hostile Action

  • Minmatar Militia Offensive Eyes Encirclement of Key Devoid Systems as Imperial Forces Attempt to Hold Arzad

  • CONCORD Inner Circle Debates Review of Interstellar Security, Counter-Terrorism, and Money-Laundering Treaties

  • Guristas Pirates Reported Smuggling Weapons to Intaki Prime Separatists and Anti-Caldari Elements in Syndicate

  • Thukker Tribe Clashes with Society of Conscious Thought Over Suggested Sharing of Wormhole Navigation Data

  • Caldari State Files Route Permanent Status Motion with CONCORD Assembly Over Athounon-Samanuni Stargate Pair

  • Capsuleer Activity in Turnur System Increases in Aftermath of Stellar Transmuter Incident and Jovian Stargate Discovery

  • Intaki Assembly Renews Formal Protest at Militarization of Intaki System as Federal Counter-Insurgency Forces Increased

  • Minmatar Republic Deny Egmar and Vard Prototype Stellar Transmuter Experiments Amidst Alarm at Stellar Emissions Variance

  • Amarr Empire and Gallente Federation Propose Alsavoinon and Turnur Systems be Permanently Garrisoned by EDENCOM Forces

  • Caldari Colonies in Syndicate Region Report Successful Low Orbit Cargo "Slingshot" by Modified State Military Shipcaster

  • SCC Report Details Large Increase in Illegal Scrip Trading and Black Market in Financial Instruments

  • CONCORD Assembly Hears Protest Petitions from Citizens of Barkrik, Elonaya, Gisleres, and Ohide Over Empire Stellar Transmuters

  • Intaki Bank Decries "Knee-Jerk Reaction by CONCORD" and Condemns Planned Restrictions on Corporate Scrip and Currency Trading

  • Caldari Navy Refuses to Comment on Claim State and Republic Collaborating on Improvements to Interstellar Shipcasters

  • EverMore Corporations File Complaints to Empire Trade Authorities Over SCC Decision to Restrict Scrip Trading

  • EDENCOM Intelligence Claims Strong Signs of Increased Conflict Between Triglavian Collective and Drifters in Abyssal Deadspace

  • Angel Cartel Military Build Up Repeatedly Confirmed by DED and EDENCOM Operatives as "Azariel"-Class Titan Testflights Rumored

  • CONCORD's AG12 Technology Sharing Group Demands for Access to Shipcaster Developments Backed by Amarr Empire and Gallente Federation

  • Deathless Circle Shipcaster Construction Project Apparently in Advanced State as CDIA Assess Intelligence from Zarzakh

  • Ammatar Defector Claims Empire Plans "Full Scale Invasion of Molden Heath" in Defiance of CONCORD Treaties

  • Caldari State and Minmatar Republic Denounce EDENCOM Proposals as a "Plot to Divide New Eden Between Authoritarian Blocs"

  • Ammatar Defector Also Claims Amarr Intelligence Officials Met with "Triglavian Leadership Troika" to Discuss Military Pact

  • Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh Dismisses "Ravings of Traitor" Saying Imperial Policy is Peaceful and Legal Reclaiming of "Rebel Provinces"

  • CONCORD Monitors in Pochven Report Large-Scale Redeployment of New Ships to World Arks as Shipyards Resupplied with Raw Materials

  • EDENCOM Plays Down threat of New Invasions Given Evidence of New Offensives in Abyssal Deadspace by Drifters and Triglavians