Raid on Khanid Slave Ship Fails to Free "Lost Idama"

New Eden News | YC120-10-26 - By Alton Haveri

Vezila, Khanid Kingdom - Intaki extremists assaulted the cruiser Pure Faith 's Harvest belonging to Sa-Baron Atazil Kufail, earlier today, apparently in hopes of freeing a slave said to be a "lost Idama". Three frigates carrying the extremists intercepted the cruiser as it was at a transit point between the Gehi stargate and the Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant above Vezila IV.

After a brief firefight, the attackers managed to disable and board the vessel while it called for help from local Khanid Navy forces. Reports indicate there was a bloody skirmish between the ship's crew and the attackers that resulted in the eventual retreat of the Intaki, who fled the scene when the Khanid Navy arrived and destroyed one of the three frigates they had used in the assault.

The Pure Faith 's Harvest is reportedly the very same vessel on which Wafneque Erilon, a monk of the Ida monasteries on Intaki Prime, claimed to have discovered the "lost Idama" to be the slave Ailoea en Waro, over a month ago. The goal of the extremists appears to have been to kidnap en Waro and return her to Intaki Prime in accordance with the desires of the Ida leadership and the Intaki Assembly.

A spokesperson for the Ida monasteries expressed horror at the violence that had been committed in the name of the Intaki way and claim the extremists acted on their own and are in no way associated with the Ida leadership. Sa-Baron Kufail has reportedly referred to the Ida leadership as "militant heathens" saying that "their attempts to hide their involvement shower them with guilt". No evidence has been brought forward to prove Ida involvement in the incident.

A spokesperson for the Intaki extremists, who identify themselves as the Idama en Waro Repatriation Front, named for the purported Idama herself, reached out to the Scope with a statement concerning their actions:

"The complacent nature of society toward slavery has been a blight on humanity both hypocritical and malign in nature. The bondage of the masses goes against the basic tenets of free society. Those who enjoy these freedoms while calling those who fight for it extremists or terrorists allow people like the slaver Kufail to prosper. The massacres in Kahah forced our hand. We will not pause when our kinsmen and others are denied the right to freedom and murdered for demanding it. We will strike down those responsible and use them as an example."

The Royal Khanid Navy stated that any and all attacks by Intaki extremists will be dealt with as piracy and met with the "sternest possible measures".

BREAKING REPORT: Sources in Caldari State claim that Khanid Royal Commodore Arraz Nomarya has met with representatives of the Intara Direct Action and Onikanabo Brigade PMCs with a view to securing their services for "counter-terrorist operations".